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Thread: What really happened during Criminal Minds actor Thomas Gibson’s on-set fight

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    Quote Originally Posted by stella blue View Post
    Also, "unsub" is not a real word. And "Hotch" is as far as I can tell the most boring character to ever grace a television screen.
    Yep. The "unsub" horseshit just makes me roll my eyes so hard I'm worried they'll pop out of the sockets. I've got to the point now where I just brush it off. The correct term is "suspect" for all investigators.

    People complaining that losing Hotch will make the show boring have a very different understanding of "boring" ... because his character adds fuck all to the show.

    I could never stand the show because of the constant disgusting violence against women

    I do get where you're coming from Sprynkles but sadly it's a slightly dressed up version of reality.

    What really pisses me off about Criminal Minds though is that as FBI agents, their job is to investigate and arrest suspects, right? I've never seen them finish an episode with a suspect in cuffs. They always shoot and kill them, without fail. If I had a unit of investigators that never, ever took in a live suspect, I'd be sending them all for training on the improper use of force if not suspending staff with the highest kill rates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seapharris7 View Post
    I sincerely hope you stopped watching Dexter after S4, because it never got better after that.
    I stopped watching when his wife got killed...that was too much...the serial killer who killed serial killers, his wife is killed by a serial killer who he kills....stupid.

    Bones started getting on my nerves too because of the ridiculous tangents it would go off on. Like when they go undercover? Too corny? Or when they find the bones in the giant candy bar? SKEEVE!
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    The "unsub" needs to die in a fire. (Hey, new idea for a storyline ) Don't they know how ridiculous it sounds?
    And the xenophobic spin off should never had happened. I can't believe Gary Sinise signed on to it.
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