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Thread: Wesley Snipes acquitted of tax fraud

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    And people of integrity do what is expected of them in regards to their debt to society. And with what Wesley made, it isn't like he can't afford to pay what he owes.

    Good for the government.

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    Saturday, April 26th 2008
    Two-And-A-Half Years Minimum!

    Wesley Snipes was sentenced to 3 years in the chokey for not paying taxes on $58 million of income he made from 1994 to 2004. When he was first sentenced, I figured he would serve a few months and be out in time to tell his story on Oprah for November sweeps. TMZ claims this is not the case!
    They are reporting that Prisoner 57 aka Noxema Jackson aka Wesley Snipes will serve a minimum of two-and-a-half years. That's only if he's a good prisoner. Federal inmates apparently can't get parole.
    Fuckity fuck! Noxema could make 3 new Blade movies during that two-and-a-half years. How is the Earth going to continue to spin without more Blade movies? Two-And-A-Half Years Minimum! | Dlisted

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    Black/Good/vampires... s omething I certanly CAN live without!

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