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Thread: Website offers Sen. John McCain's mistress 100k to take polygraph test

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    Here's the story. She was a drug addict for about 3 years, painkillers. She went to outpatient treatment in 1992, ended her addiction. In 1993 she fired someone who worked at the charity she founded and ran (and where she stole the drugs from). Once he was fired, he then sued her for firing him and went to the authorities and told them about what had happened and then she was investigated. She was federally sentenced to make restitution to her charity, which she did.

    When the story was going to break in the papers in 1994, she went to the papers before the story broke and was honest about what happened.

    Then when he ran in 2000 the story came out again. People are enlightened about addiction, and didn't crucify her for it. The drug charges are like 15 years old now.

    She has nothing to hide here, the story has been beaten to death.

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    Although I believe in second chances, I have to say I'm still concerned about what she's like behind closed doors. Addictions can happen to anyone, but learning how to be deceitful and manipulative can certainly stay with someone years after they've been clean.

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