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Thread: Watch Jerry Seinfeld Reject a Hug From Kesha: 'I Don't Know Who That Was'

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoNoRehab View Post
    Male or female, famous or not, no one should have their personal space invaded without permission and no one is obliged to touch a stranger. Since she claims to be a sexual assault victim, you'd think Kesha would be respectful of others' space and not stand there awkwardly demanding a hug from a stranger after he politely said no.
    This. Absolutely this. ^^

    Attempting to politely say no to someone with no boundaries is nothing to ever apologize for. The fact that her behavior made it a publicly awkward "thing" doesn't belong to him. That's her thing. Every single person, even famous people, have the right to their own body and personal space. End of story.
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    I don't think either one of them should apologize for the incident but it does kind of suck that it has become such a huge video for people to either say he's an asshole or she is.
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    She is.
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