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Thread: 'The View' Firing Massacre

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    Rosie would be a real hero if she demanded no reality stars as guests - at all.
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    This is from -- Elizabeth sure hasn't let the whole Rosie thing go...

    Former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck was far from shocked when news broke thatRosie O'Donnell was reportedly returning to The View.
    "I think this has been in the works for a long time," Hasselbeck said Wednesday onFox & Friends.
    As she explains, her suspicions began while filming View creator Barbara Walter's retirement episode, when O'Donnell allegedly "walked around with a lot of control" and claimed to have organized the reunion of hosts. "Now, do you think the woman who left the way that she did would be producing Barbara's goodbye show? Here's the shocker, it was actually her 'Hello Show,'" Hasselbeck explains.
    Summer TV's must-watch shows
    O'Donnell is reportedly in talks to rejoin the show following the departures of Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy, which left Whoopi Goldberg as the only remaining host of the ABC series. Hasselbeck, who sparred with O'Donnell during their overlapping tenure on The View, is already predicting tough times ahead for O'Donnell and Goldberg.
    "Let's not forget Whoopi Goldberg is sitting there and Whoopi is not going to let anyone control her," Hasselbeck said. "She has actually more trophies in her case than Rosie. She's the leader on that show. I'm going to be very interested to see how that goes."
    "I don't think it would be wise for Rosie O'Donnell to challenge Whoopi Goldberg on anything," she added.

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    ^ Hmmmm. I wonder if this was directed at Elisabeth?

    Whoopi Goldberg Addresses Drama Surrounding The View Changes: "We Are Grown Ass Women"

    by LILY HARRISON Today 9:10 AM PDT

    Whoopi Goldberg refused to stay silent about all of the drama surrounding the casting changes at The View this morning.

    The talk show host addressed the growing speculation of why Jenny McCarthy andSherri Shepherd are really leaving the show.

    "Before we get started, I just have something on my mind. You know there is a lot of speculation about a lot of stuff going on here. Yes, I'm here. We don't know who's coming in, but I will tell you this: The respect that I have for the people who work here will not change," she told the audience.

    "I will do my best to respect the audience, to make sure that we bring you The View thatBarbara Walters wanted you to have, which is women talking about issues. We are not little kids, we are grown ass women. And so, I'm just tired of people saying, 'oh, you know ifthis one comes in, or if this one comes in,' I don't argue with people, we have spirited discussions."

    She continued, "I don't fight with people, that's not my way. Quit trying to make me into something I'm not. I'm not a little girl with cat claws. I am not a cat, I am a human being. I am a girl with a fist. And so, I'm just telling y'all, The View is going to evolve as it always has. Quit trying to make something happen and let whatever's going to happen, happen, and we hope you will join us when we come back."

    Whoopi Goldberg Addresses Drama Surrounding The View Changes: We Are Grown Ass Women | E! Online

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    Of FFS. I've seen the show 3-4 times tops. That's all Whoppi does. She argues and talks over people and takes her toys and goes home when she's pissed. Grown ass women? No.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sluce View Post
    Rosie would be a real hero if she demanded no reality stars as guests - at all.
    Rigggghtttt??? Wasn't Elizabeth fucking Hasslebeck enough? Not that I care what someone's political beliefs are, I just don't want to hear cry baby Hasslebeck anymore.
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    The View

    Whoopi Takes Shot at Barbara ...

    During Heated Test Show

    8/8/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


    Rosie O'Donnell got into a heated showdown over abortion with CNN's S.E. Cupp during a 'View' test show taping with Whoopi Goldberg ... who ended up taking a thinly-veiled shot at Barbara Walters.

    Production sources at "The View" tell us Cupp -- who's vying for the conservative role on the show -- had a "nasty" debate yesterday over the Australian couple making headlines for asking their surrogate to abort a Down syndrome baby.

    We're told things escalated when Whoopi jumped in and asked Cupp if she ever had to make a decision about abortion. That shut everyone up momentarily ... until Rosie chastised Cupp, saying she didn't want another Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

    Here's where Babs comes in. After the taping ... Whoopi -- in front of producers and several potential replacement hosts -- said she'd been "working with a cranky 85-year-old woman who's mad about everything for 2 years, and I need a break."

    Hard to tell who Whoopi was really upset with -- Rosie or Cupp -- but the shot at Barbara was undeniable.

    As for Cupp ... doesn't sound like she left on Rosie's good side -- but then again ... that may be exactly what "The View" needs.

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