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Thread: Victoria Beckham's high heel addiction

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    I used to wear five+ inch heels for over 8 hours at a time but I always make a point of actually stretching my achilles before bed. I'm sure it doesn't undo all the damage but at least I'm not a fucking cripple without heels on; that's just retarded.
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    I don't know how you ladies do it.

    I had no idea about the Achilles - that makes total sense (the reverse as well)

    I can't do the 4+ inch heels - I love how they look but not on me (and I can't walk in them).

    I'm just lucky I'm tall.
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    I love 4" heels as well.

    On Victoria Beckham.

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    I love high heels, not slutty high, but wish some of them were more comfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
    Thanks, Cherry.
    I can relate to her, I only like heels myself. I will wear chucks if I am just beating around, other than that I love my 4 inch heels.
    No prob! I thought of you the minute I saw this article.

    I wear heels a lot myself...typically 3+ inches or more. Although I have to be careful in the conservative office and wear them a bit lower. I actually feel like I walk better and feel better with heels on. I will kick around in my sneakers when I'm working out and/or shopping for long periods of time though.

    One day, a pair of Christian Louboutins WILL be mine. Oh yes...they WILL be mine.
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