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Thread: Usher would never sell baby pictures

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    He probably doesn't want to sell them because the child may not look anything like him.

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    Everyone always said Tameeka/Tamika/Tameeyka (WHATEVER) was manly, but DAMN! She is more butch than he is!

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    Usher would never sell the pics, because nobody would buy them. That's why he's posing with his son for free. Imo, it's just as bad to exploit a baby for personal gain by posing in a national magazine for free, as it is to get paid for it.
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    His fans hate her, because she is a 43 year old money grubbing bitch, who his mom warned him against and he FIRED HER (his mom whos been his manager since he was 14) and dosent speak to her because she hates Tamekas ugly ass.

    However Tameka claimed the reason she is so hated is because she is "dark skinned" No bitch, its because you have 3 OTHER KIDS you dropped as soon as Usher looked twice at you. Rumor is that baby is NOT his, and he already knows that but he is so fucking sprung on her shit, he continues letting her spend all his money away.

    Usher knows if he had a baby with Beyonce or somebody famous, he be DEMANDING top dollar for a picture of there child. How in the hell did 28/29 yr old Usher marry a 40 plus woman with 3 other kids that she never sees now? How did Beyonce marry 40 year old ugly ass Jay-Z, who has a kid he dosent even acknoweldge? Who has been cheating on her FOR YEARS?

    Damn maybe Beyonce and Usher need to just hook up and let their spouses go.

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    I guess he hasn't found anyone willing to pay for them! Poor Usher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bijoux View Post
    He must of read that article about how magazines don't care about black people's for pictures and cover stories.

    I don't know, I think if Beyonce had a baby they would be stalking her for a baby picture.

    Usher? Um he's very talented but he picked one butt ugly woman to forget to wear a condom with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heathersharon View Post
    Why does Usher's mom have her hand inside of his thigh like that?
    That ain't his momma, that's sister patterson (new york's momma)! Shit, I didn't even know they were together like that.
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    Kill her.
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