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Thread: Tyra Banks hates questions about former ANTM judges

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    That woman is my hero. She was hilarious.

    Tyra's all "We're not going there".
    And the woman goes "I am going there".

    Finally an interviewer who isn't afraid of publicists!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsMarsters View Post
    ^^ Have you seen her new natural look...with her real hair?
    Yeah. I thought she was going to be bald as a bat, but she wasn't.

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    Who knew Cynthia McFadden had so much steel? Brava!

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    Tyra is terrifying. I bet as soon as the cameras stopped rolling she threw the most epic bitchfit.
    It's too bad someone didn't secretly leaving a camera filming. That would have been awesome.

    Her face was serial killer scary, smiling with her mouth but her eyes said "You're dead meat bitch."

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    I read some of the youtbe comments..mostly saying the interviewer was a bitch for asking her when she was going to get married, etc. I just don't understand the evil looks and attitude before then.

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