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Thread: Two Of Kate Gosselin’s Kids — Alexis & Collin — Expelled From School For Fighting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by philbert_wormly View Post

    Maybe she is waiting for them to go totally bat-shit and be institutionalized so a reality show can be made of it.
    Exactly! That's what I'm thinking.

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    Don't forget the crazy check that each kid would get from the government. Bonus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by philbert_wormly View Post

    It is actually very good that she has things worked out nicely so her two kids can carry on with their schoolwork, but...

    There is no mention made of any therapy at all.

    Weird. If Kate can foot the bill for a home-school teacher, then she can hook those two kids up with some therapy as well.

    Maybe she is waiting for them to go totally bat-shit and be institutionalized so a reality show can be made of it.
    Partly right. Apparently she locked Collin away for 3 years in an institution due to ADHD and he now lives with his dad....

    DECEMBER 7, 2018 @ 10:28AM

    Jon now has Hannah and Collin in his care after legal battle.
    The co-parenting relationship between exes Jon and Kate Gosselin got so nasty, the court appointed a guardian to step in and advocate for the children, has exclusively learned.
    According to Pennsylvania court records obtained by Radar, on August 25, 2017, a high-profile female attorney was appointed Guardian Ad Litem in the years-long bitter battle.

    Following Radar’s exclusive report that Jon won temporary custody of troubled son Collin, 14, this week, an insider claimed the shocking court decision was made possible when a third party, the guardian, intervened to look out for his best interest.
    “Once an ad litem was assigned, the judge ruled both Hannah and Collin should be in the custody of Jon,” the insider explained.

    As Radar first reported, Collin’s sister Hannah, also 14, moved in with Jon earlier this year,following a nasty war between Jon and Kate.
    Over the summer, Jon revealed the news to his fans in an Instagram live session.

    “She permanently lives with me,” Jon, 41, proudly told fans in the video captured by Radar in August.
    Most recently, Kate, 43, was a no-show during Collin’s custody hearing on December 4.
    The former couple’s other six children all currently live with Kate.

    Jon Gosselin Tells All On 'Militant' Mom Kate, Claims She 'Mentally Tortured' Son Collin
    September 18, 2019 @ 15:41PM

    She isn't the person you think she is,' he says after 10-year gag order is lifted.

    Kate Gosselin “mentally tortured” her son Collin, ex husband Jon Gosselin claims in a bombshell interview with DailyMailTV, who is now telling all after a decade-long gag order was finally lifted.
    Jon claims the mother-of-eight is a “militant” mother who allegedly abused the children to keep up a good image for television.
    “It’s time America found out the truth about Kate, she isn’t the person you think she is,” he said of the reality star mom, who now has her own reality show Kate Plus Date.
    Jon reveals he was heartbroken after learning Kate had sent their then 11-year-old son Collin away to a child and adolescent behavioral camp in Philadelphia behind his back, where the young boy spent a whopping three years.
    The reality star dad claims he later received a letter from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) stating that they had received a report of suspected child abuse involving his son and were investigating.
    At the time, Jon had no legal rights and thought Collin was living with Kate.
    He then contacted lawyers to fight for joint custody.
    Jon has since won full custody of Collin and daughter Hannah.

    Meanwhile, Kate didn’t show up to the last custody hearing and has not spoken to Collin since he left treatment in December 2018, previously revealed exclusively.
    A shaken-up Jon told the outlet Kate, who allegedly sent Collin away despite the fact he had no other known disorders other than the common ADHD, only visited her son three time during his stay — less than two hours total.
    Collin, who now reportedly suffers from PTSD because of the alleged abuse, was rescued by his dad after the boy’s older roommate at the institute somehow smuggled out a devastating letter his son penned in crayon to his dad pleading for help.
    Jon’s manager at the time vetted the youth and also arranged for him to give a legal affidavit stating what he witnessed.
    But Collin wasn’t Kate’s only victim, claims Jon. Jon reveals how Kate also mentally abused and alienated daughter Hannah while also targeting some of the other children.

    “I know my children have suffered abuse and I know one day they’re going to tell their own story,’ Jon told DailyMail TV. “And sadly enough, I know what PTSD is. It’s really upsetting.”

    According to DHS documents seen by DailyMailTV, multiple allegations of suspected child abuse against Kate were investigated, but the agency ultimately had determined the reports were ‘unfounded’ due to a lack of evidence.
    The estranged pair had joint custody over their eight children, but recently a judge ruled the children should decide for themselves where they want to live.
    Now, both Collin and Hannah are living with Jon in Reading, Pennsylvania, while Kate has four living with her. The two eldest have left home for college.
    Jon says he has no contact with the four kids living with Kate, claiming the reality star mom “poisoned” them against him.
    “I think Kate has really poisoned my children’s minds against me,” he said. “She’s put stuff in their minds about my personality. I never cheated on my wife, I’m not a monster, I love my children more than anything.”
    “I brought Collin home. He’s a great kid. I want the family unit together, I even want to co-parent.”
    As fans know, Jon agreed to a 10-year gag order as part of the couple’s divorce and custody deal in 2009.
    Now that the gag order has been lifted, Jon says he wants to “set the record straight.”
    “There’s a lot of stuff I want to dispel, there’s a lot of untruths,” he said. “I have watched my children suffer and I have not been able to say a word. Kate wanted the gag order because she didn’t want me speaking the truth.”
    “I know everything. I lived it with her and without her. So I know every single thing that has transpired and what has been portrayed to the American public, it’s not all true.”

    He explained Kate’s alleged “pattern of abuse.”
    “I understand trying to teach discipline, but they can’t even be kids,” he says of Kate, whom he claims ran a military-esque regime, forcing the kids to do chores and tasks beyond what any normal child should endure.
    Jon remembers Kate enforcing the strict regime during filming, and the children rarely left the family’s house unless cameras were rolling.
    “We’d go to the beach to do a shoot and say, ‘there’s the water, run over there… okay, shoot over, let’s go.’ Like who does that? That was back in 2009 and that’s when I started getting in trouble from the crew and production team, I was like ‘no they’re not leaving the beach, you can leave,’ I was telling the film crews to go away.”
    “When we did film, we did have good experiences,” Jon explains. “But they were short. It was like ‘cut, cut, cut. Alright, we got it. Let’s go. Let’s go on to the next one, onto the next one, onto the next one.'”
    “What people don’t understand is you only have so many hours and minutes to film that day and you’re moving a crew around of 14 people and your kids and all this stuff, so they’re not really experiencing the whole thing.”
    “If they wanted to stay on the beach, it’s not happening. If they want to ride the roller coaster 10 more times, it’s not happening.”
    He says being in the public eye under constant scrutiny created other personality issues and that his eight children — Cara, Mady, Aaden, Collin, Joel, Alexis, Hannah and Leah — lack social skills.
    “It’s going to be difficult because they’ve been isolated so much and they haven’t been taught those life skills,” he told DailyMailTV.
    “Kate’s all controlling, she wants to control every situation,’ he said, claiming she’s so obsessed with doing everything for the kids that they haven’t been taught basic life skills.
    Kate still controls the four kids she has at home, Jon claims, adding she forces them to film for her new show against their will.

    “They don’t want to film. They said they have to film. That’s heart breaking,” he said. “They have all said they have to film because they feel they need to provide a lifestyle for their mother.”
    After their marriage crumbled in 2009, John claims Collin and Hannah took the brunt.
    “Other than ADHD, which is extremely common, Collin has never been diagnosed with any known medical condition, there’s nothing wrong with him,” explains Jon. “But Kate sent him away, she couldn’t deal with him. He was alone for three and a half years with no parents, all locked up. It was inhumane.”
    Now, after a long legal battle, Jon managed to get Collin out of the institute and now has full sole physical and legal custody of 15-year-old Collin whom he says, these days, is thriving.
    The Gosselin family got their first taste of fame in 2005 when a Discovery channel special ran on them called Surviving Sextuplets and Twins, when the pair’s sextuplets were just 17-months-old.
    A follow up special a year later was filmed and titled Sextuplets and Twins: One Year Later.
    Finally, in 2007 TLC offered the family a full-time reality show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

    JANUARY 3, 2020 @ 17:30PM

    Reality star slammed with fine after filming her children without permission.

    Kate Gosselin has told a judge that the TLC network terminated their relationship with her during a hearing in which a judge found her in contempt, can exclusively reveal.
    On December 19, Kate, 44, and her ex-husband Jon, 42, were present for a hearing in Pennsylvania, according to a court insider.
    During the court session, it was revealed the reality star mom defied the judge’s previous order not to film her eight kids without proper work permits, the insider told Radar.

    Four of Jon and Kate’s children — Alexis, Aaden, Joel and Leah, all 15 — appeared on camera despite the judge’s command barring the TV network from filming themfor the reality show Kate Plus 8.
    Kate was ordered to pay $1500 in legal costs to her ex, Jon, who took her to court over the violation. She was then slapped with strict conditions on filming.
    But in a shocking confession “Kate stated in court that TLC has terminated their relationship with her,” the insider said.

    Radar has reached out to TLC and Kate’s lawyer for comment but have not received a response.
    As Radar previously reported, Jon obtained full custody of Hannahand Collin, both 15, in December 2018 after a bitter custody battle.
    “The kids are doing great with school,” the insider noted.
    Meanwhile, Mady and Cara, 19, are now adults and attending college.
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    . Jon reveals he was heartbroken after learning Kate had sent their then 11-year-old son Collin away to a child and adolescent behavioral camp in Philadelphia behind his back, where the young boy spent a whopping three years.
    ”behind his back?”
    There’s only so long you can use that excuse. at some point in the three years he would’ve had to realize his son was missing right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flygirl View Post
    ”behind his back?”
    There’s only so long you can use that excuse. at some point in the three years he would’ve had to realize his son was missing right?
    I don’t like either of these people, but it’s conceivable to me one parent could, say, circumvent a parenting agreement that requires them to make joint medical decisions for the kids, in this case getting some doctor to sign off that the kid needed to be committed to an inpatient facility because he was a danger to himself or others, and then it would be difficult to roll it back. That’s purely hypothetical thinking on my part, ofc.
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    Sad. What else is there to say? But I find it hard to believe that Jon had no control whatsoever, how did he lose his parental rights? He can only speak (or do anything) now that the NDA is expired? He suddenly developed a conscience? Bullshit. I have to think he just checked out at a certain point, so bottom line they both failed their children big time. You know they both made a shit ton of money off that show.
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    Allegedly and in my own opinion and all of that, she was a harridan and he was inept. They both have to “own” how and where they find their families. The fault lies with both.

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    i can see him whining about the 'ball breaker'. and her whining about the 'weak guy'.

    and so it goes.
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    I think it said that he had no parental rights at the time. Not sure.

    I can't imagine having these two as parents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisNine View Post
    I think it said that he had no parental rights at the time. Not sure.

    I can't imagine having these two as parents.
    I thought I read that he had no legal rights with his kids at that time but I can’t find the source again.

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    yes, i thought he was caught with a gun or something.

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    Article from 2016 with Jon explaining the custody agreement.

    Jon Gosselin is speaking out against his ex-wife Kate Gosselin and detailing their unconventional child custody agreement that literally keeps him in the dark. In a new interview with Yahoo Celebrity, Gosselin says he has no control over which of his eight kids he sees — and he never sees them all at once. Even more shocking? Jon says he hasn’t seen his son Collin in a year and a half.

    Read more:

    Gosselin, who now works as a DJ, is no longer afraid to speak out about his situation because he is no longer under a court injunction from TLC, the network that ran his family’s former reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, and sued him in 2009.In the new interview, Jon Gosselin revealed that he gets a weekly dinner night with his kids per his custody arrangement with Kate, and the kids stay over every other weekend. But Jon says he only gets four of his eight kids at a time — and he never knows which four he will see. Gosselin claims he hasn’t seen all eight of his kids together in three years, and he hasn’t seen 12-year-old son Collin at all in nearly two years. According to Gosselin, he has no control over who he sees, and he can’t afford to fight Kate in court over it.
    “Now all the secrets are coming out because I’m not afraid to say anything,” Jon told Yahoo. “‘How come you only get four kids?’ Because who I get is who I get. Whoever comes through that gate or gets off that [school] bus is who I get. And Collin is homeschooled, so he doesn’t get off a bus.”
    Gosselin, who shares twins Mady and Cara and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel, with Kate, went on to explain that he focuses on the kids that want to spend time with him.
    “If the kids want to come, they come,” he says. “I love them all, but I am going to focus on the ones that want to come. My hands are tied.”
    Jon also detailed the expensive court filings that have held him back, saying he has spent the past seven years in court trying to hash things out with his ex-wife and that it just costs too much money because he doesn’t have any kind of a working relationship with her.
    Jon Gosselin reiterated that Kate talks smack about him to their children and that he has no contact with his eight kids at all — not even through text — when they are not with him. Jon also alleged that when Kate and his kids are filming their spinoff reality show, Kate Plus 8, she won’t tell him where they are filming. He resorts to figuring out where his family is by searching Twitter for “#kategosselinsighting.”Jon Gosselin also slammed previous claims that he has never paid child support to Kate, rattling off mind-boggling figures, to the tune of $175,000 a year. In the end, Kate denounced support because Jon agreed to just “walk away” from their house and reality TV fortune.
    “I gave her $3 million,” Gosselin said. “I walked away. I moved. [I said], ‘Take all of it.’ It was a moral sacrifice for my children.”

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