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Thread: Tori Spelling's going to dish the dirt

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSDiva View Post
    That's what I was thinking, she looks like a camel!!

    omg i can't stop laughing anymore!!

    that's exactly what i was thinking too!!
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    you know, the thing that typically bugs me about these "tell all" books is that it isn't just this ugly bitches business she's telling. She's telling Dean's wife (at the time) that she fucked her husband the first time they had dinner. She's telling her ex-husband that same thing and frankly, I think the two of them have done enough to jerk the exes around. Instead of writing a tell all, how 'bout doing the world a favor and shutting yer fucking yap??? kthxbye..
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    ^^ Well, obviously the only person she thinks about is herself.

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