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Thread: Tonya Harding's neighbors complain about gunfire

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jane Doe View Post
    Unfortunately, she didn't have money backing her skating career and her family life was pretty pathetic from what I've read. All-in-all, very sad because I think had she not been married to a real jerk she could have beat out Kerrigan fair and square. She was an excellent technical skater and I was really rooting for her to succeed.
    What you say is true I guess, but I never saw anything beautiful when she skated. She was so clunky & jerky. And even when she was thin, she didn't *seem* thin (maybe because she was so muscular), and flame me, but I think the best-looking competitive skaters are more willowy. I do respect athletic achievement in skating but if there is no artistry, it's like watching a linebacker flip & twirl around.
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    you already know.


    it's like watching a linebacker flip & twirl around.
    yeah really!

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