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Thread: Tony Romo earned Ashlee Simpson’s family 1.4 mill by attending wedding

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    Quote Originally Posted by snuffy View Post
    Here's the question of the day - how much of that 1.4 mil did Tony demand to make an appearance?
    Exactly! Unless he's getting a large chunk, what the hell does he care if they're out $1.4 million?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurent View Post
    Exactly! Unless he's getting a large chunk, what the hell does he care if they're out $1.4 million?
    Because Papa Joe has something on him. Blackmail is how he operates.

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    If I was Jessica- and thank Goddess I'm not- I would be humiliated if I had to go to my sister's wedding with my very recent ex.

    She reeks of desperation, though. Maybe she thought she could get him back.
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    But isn’t it a little sad for Ashlee, that she had “to have her wedding cover of People ruined with a huge picture of her sister freak dancing on it”?

    Uh, that's the 'sad' thing...???

    Rather, isn't is completely tacky & trashy that your WEDDING DAY is all about money and magazine covers?

    That is just pathetic when you have to pay you sister's ex to show up as her date, be photographed 'pretending' to be a fun-loving couple - all so you can get your big bucks for a fucking magazine cover... seriously, no wonder the world has a fucked up view of marriage... these people just cheapen it with their ridiculous exploitation of their wedding.

    What were they're vows...??? "In sickness & in health, for better or worse, whether Jessica is with Tony or whether we had to pay him to show up, for $1.4M People cover or a reality TV show, forever & ever... "

    I suppose what were we to expect given Papa Joe pimped his daughter's wedding and life to MTV for $$$.
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    They probably had to fork over some of that $1.4 million to Tony Romo. Lord knows he deserves it for having to dance with Jessica. If Tony and Jessica weren't willing to participate, then the mag would've dropped their price to $5.00, because Asslee doesn't sell mags.
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