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Thread: Is Tom Cruise (finally) having a crisis of faith?

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    Considering how he's portrayed in Marty Rathburn's book, Tom would be wise to cut and run. If 1% of this is true, Tom is ruined.

    “Then there is me!” – Tom Cruise

    The Gates of Hell from the Scientology Reformation

    Tony Ortega’s Review

    Many have speculated just how far Tom Cruise has gone into the Scientology Inc. bedlam created by his best man David Miscavige. The book The Scientology Reformation answers that question rather definitively, now available in Kindle e-book format.

    Excerpt from Chapter 8: The Gates Of Hell

    …Miscavige’s reaction to my escape was chilling. He ordered John Brousseau, his resident handyman – and the architect of most of the Tom Cruise vehicle and home upgrades – to install prison bars on all windows in the Hole so that no one else could escape.

    With me out of the way, Miscavige’s madness was unbridled. He began to tell Tom Cruise tales of having to physically beat the degraded beings in his environment to keep them in line. Cruise followed suit, doing the same to his own staff. Michael Doven, his long-time personal assistant, started receiving regular physical abuse from Tom. Another of Tom’s staff – a woman – was grabbed and slammed up against a file cabinet by Cruise for failing to show him proper respect. He railed and screamed, like Miscavige, when he discovered a near-microscopic chip in a drinking glass handed to him by one of his staff. He was convinced the degraded beings were steadily sabotaging him, stalking him like the zombies from Night of the Living Dead. Tom even physically abused the one-time international spokesperson for Scientology, one Tommy Davis.

    Miscavige was happy to have Tom ape his own psychotic behavior. He once briefed the inhabitants of the Hole that Tom was fully informed of their conspiracies to destroy Miscavige. He told the assembled that Tom promised to come to the Hole to give Yager, Ray Mithoff (the highest scriptural authority in Scientology) and the former executor of Mr. Hubbard’s will, Norman Starkey, black eyes if their confessions were not to Dave’s liking. In order to prevent the world’s biggest star from having to do Dave’s dirty work, the leadership within the Hole decided they had better do it first. The eighty staff went into a frenzy of punching and kicking the trio, fattening the lips and blackening the eyes of all three.

    By mid-to-late 2004 Tom was so locked in to Miscavige’s spell he was incapable of comfortable socialization with the outside world, at least on an intimate basis. He asked his best friend Dave to help him find a good-looking Scientologist wife, so he would not wind up with another degraded being like his previous two wives…

    …During this same trip, Nazanin (the Miscavige chosen Scientologist wife-to-be for Cruise, Nazanin Boniadi) apparently “disrespected” Miscavige in front of Cruise, by seeking to clarify his trademark staccato comments a couple of times. This prompted Cruise to begin showing Nazanin his ugly, “big-being” side.

    Tom took her into his home office to give her a “reality adjustment” in front of Tommy Davis, who remained quiet the entire time.

    Sitting across from Tom at a wide table – like an employee set down for a tongue-lashing from the boss – Nazanin could hardly believe what she was hearing.

    Tom looked at her like a frustrated, overworked executive, let down by a degraded-being underling.

    Then he gave her the intense, laser-focus stare.

    “You don’t get it. It goes like this,” Tom explained.

    He raised his hand above his head, palm downward. “First, there is LRH.”

    Moving his hand down a couple of inches, he continued: “Then there is COB (David Miscavige).”

    He brought his hand down to his own hairline, highlighting the intensity and seriousness of his words: “Then there is me.”

    Nazanin looked at him stoically, hiding her shock at Cruise’s performance of his best Jack Torrance – the psychotic killer played by Jack Nicholson in the film The Shining.

    “Dave and me, we’re big beings. We are surrounded by DB’s (degraded beings). DBs can’t help but try to destroy big beings. That’s just the way it is in this universe. You have to understand this. This is LRH, man. It’s the plight of the big being getting jumped on by all the degraded beings. You gotta be unreasonable to survive around a big being like me. You can’t be weak. You gotta be strong to protect the big being from all the degraded beings.” Cruise slammed his fist on the table, veins popping out of his neck from the intensity of his tirade…

    “Then there is me!” – Tom Cruise | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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    I wouldn't believe Rathburn for a second, given his history as experienced by ex-Scientologists, except his account above jives too well with what little has been exposed about TC and Miscavige over the last 10 years.

    Rathburn is aiming to be the next Big Being of a new church of Scientology. What he conveniently ignores is that Hubbard beat the shit out of people, abused drugs, abused his wives, terrorized his kids, harassed and killed people out of paranoid delusion, too. None of this started with Miscavige.

    But Rathburn can't call out the religion itself, the source being Hubbard, since he wants to be on top of that shit pile himself soon.
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