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I've heard this before, that Hitchcock was a huge asshole, especially to the actresses he worked with.
Specifically the blondes. I have to say, though, most people who worked with him seem to have liked him and I've heard/read a lot of funny, interesting stories about him. Kim Novak specifically said that he never sexually harassed her. I don't think Grace Kelly gave a shit. Far as I can recall, she never complained about him either. I certainly think she could've handled him easily.

Hitch was very insecure with women, had HUGE issues and probably could best be described as the classic twisted, guilt-ridden, repressed, self-loathing and perverted/perverse Victorian. But again, that wasn't all there was to him.

AFAIK, 90% of the really virulent negativity towards Hitchcock traces back to two sources--Tippi, and Donald Spoto. A lot of the material in his writing about Hitch has been heavily contested through the years. When I read his first Hitchcock book about 25-30 years ago, I felt weirded out because he seemed so obsessive and creepy himself in the intensity of his focus on the director's sexual issues--to the exclusion of just about everything else in Hitch's life and personality.

Maybe Hitchcock was evil and vile to other women--and people--and maybe these stories just weren't spread around due to the nature of the times in which he lived. But honestly, so much dirt has become readily available on old Hollywood from all sorts of sources, you'd think much more nasty stuff about him would've come out. Maybe I just missed it?

I don't question Tippi's story--I wasn't there, and I haven't ever heard of anyone countering her version of things. In any case questioning the veracity of victims of sexual harassment/assault/whatever isn't my style. Hitchcock really went crazy around her. They were like oil and water and there is no excusing the way he treated her.

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Wonder if he pulled this shit w/Grace too? And wonder if she fell for it?

Tippi looks pretty freaking good.
She has aged REALLY well imo. I think the big difference is that her ps has been minimal/good, and Melanie's has been HORRIBLE. Plus Tippi presumably isn't a drunk and druggie like her crazy daughter. I love her work with animals, too.

I do have to say one mean thing about her, though. I really doubt that her ultimate lack of success in movies is entirely attributable to Hitchcock. Frankly, she was a terrible actress. Solid wood.