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Thread: There's a Petition to Get Beyonce to Comb Blue Ivy's Hair

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    Quote Originally Posted by BITTER View Post
    And I've seen toddlers with extensions in their hair too.
    Me too. Poor things.

    I'll say this though, if Blue Ivy has lint and such in her hair, the nanny should be picking it out.
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    ^^^^To get in a dig at Bey, maybe she's to self-absorbed dealing with her own hair to take care of Blue Ivy's .
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    Can I start a petition to kick this cunt hole up her snatch? Of all the things to pay attention to in life.

    The child's hair looks fine to me. My cousin's hair isnt half as curly as Ivy's and her mother would be lucky to get her to sit through 5minutes of styling, so its afros galore.

    How can she tell from far away pictures that her hair is not being given treatments? Nonsense

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    Ironically enough, the one thing I respect about Beyonce and Jay is that they seem unconcerned with glamourizing their child's looks. They may be total egomaniacs and obsessed with appearances, but they don't project it on Blue Ivy and instead just let her look like the little kid that she is. Unlike a certain Kartrashian who I bet will have her kid in the plastic surgeon's office before she finishes puberty if she grows up to be anything less than spectacular-looking.

    This woman's a nut and needs to STFU. The kid looks clean and cared for. AFAIC, when it comes to children, that's aesthetically-pleasing enough.
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    There are some black women who are obsessed with this kids hair!! You will see their little girls with no side edges like Naomi Campbell!! They want her to put this baby's hair in ridiculous ponytails with huge balls!! You can tell her hair is being groomed because it would have locked by now if it wasn't!!
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