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Thread: The A-Team's Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson: I don't hate gay people or fat girls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sojiita View Post
    Well if someone calls things 'gay' all the time, using gay as in dumb, or stupid, or bad, etc. as many young people seem to do now, and their gay friend knows this and is fine with it, then not only is that person a moron, but their gay friend is as well.

    *love the 'one of my best friends is..*
    I agree. Teasing a friend one thing, but when you manage to insult them without directly referring to them or even having them around, you need to rethink the kind of "friend" you are. And I'm not surprised said gay friend doesn't make a fuss considering a lot of young people do it, and so he's working against "It's not a big deal. Everybody says it! It doesn't mean anything!" Internalized homophobia is still homophobia.

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    It irritates the hell out of me when bigots use the "I'm just joking" "I have______friends!" to justify their hate, bigotry & ignorance.
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