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Thread: Tara Palmer-Tomkinson gets nose fixed again, starts partying again

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    There was a comment that no-one ever said stop to her, etc. She 's an adult so needs to address that but it is hard to break the conditioning one recieves from ones family.

    She's owned her addiction. However, I thought that I saw that she had been diagnosed as bi-polar. Obviously it was someone else.

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    She's seriously 39? She's not just stupidly lying about her age?

    My mom has had so many medical problems and subsequent facial surgeries that she does not look great.... but at 57 looks MUCH younger and much better than this woman. Yikes.

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    What a great, huge honker of a nose. I hope she gets it fixed.

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    She literally looks like a wet noodle.

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    Tara Palmer-Tomkinson: I told love-split Kate that William would come running back

    By Jane Gordon

    Last updated at 2:46 AM on 26th February 2012

    She’s the former socialite turned novelist who’s putting the ‘it’ into ‘lit’. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson tells Jane Gordon about her ‘super-hot’ new housemate, having her heart broken and hanging out with the Duchess of Cambridge

    'I am more of a recluse than a party girl these days'

    When Prince William and Kate Middleton suddenly separated in 2007, the split was the subject of fevered speculation.

    But socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has revealed that she comforted Kate at the time and reassured her that William would be back ‘once he realised what he was missing’.
    Ms Palmer-Tomkinson, 40, a close friend of the now Duchess of Cambridge and Princes William and Harry, said she offered Kate support when people were 'being horrible' to her.

    She arrives for our photo shoot just a little breathless, clutching a Chanel handbag in one hand and a Carluccio’s sandwich in the other. Engaging, funny, ‘secretly clever’ (as she puts it) and perhaps a little too honest for her own good, Tara insists that these days she is more of a recluse than a socialite. Single – but currently sharing her London base with ‘super dude’ Bobby Sabel, 25 (model and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant) – she opens up about her new nose, her devotion to the Duchess of Cambridge, the creative secrets behind her new novel Infidelity, and the release of an accompanying downloadable ‘soundscape’ album Music From and Inspired by Infidelity.
    I am very childlike – I don’t feel 40. But then I was lost in space for 13 years and if you subtract those years I am still in my 20s. Besides, I am still buying Clearasil spot cream for teenagers. When I stop needing that maybe I will start worrying about ageing.

    I don’t have Botox any more. These days my forehead moves up and down of its own accord and there are lines around my eyes. I think lines are hallmarks of your history and something to be proud of, and I really, really like mine.

    I am secretly quite clever; I have a very good memory. I love the classics – I read The Iliad and The Odyssey last year and I can still recite 800 lines of Shakespeare from when I played Viola at school. When I was younger I did look into drama school. But then I suppose you could say I have been acting a lot in my life. It’s been quite a big stage and I have been standing on it for about ten years.

    ‘William, Harry and me – we grew up together. They are lovely, naughty boys’
    I have always been very affected by what people write about me and it came to a point last year where I felt I was being persecuted on a very personal level, about my face and my behaviour. When people rubbish me I feel rubbish, and that is when I am at my most vulnerable. I felt like saying, ‘What exactly is the end game that you want here, because I am a recovering addict trying to do my best and you seem to be trying to demolish me in such a negative way?’ But it ain’t going to work; I am not going back to my old ways because I am over it. I have never felt stronger in myself or more capable.

    I am more of a recluse than a party girl these days. I hold my hand up to those terrible pictures of me coming out of The Box [nightspot] last year in a dishevelled state, but I had only gone out because I had been working so hard and my friends were accusing me of being a recluse.
    I said to myself, ‘Right, I am going to go out and sink a few drinks.’ I actually booked the next day out of my diary for a hangover. But when I went to get my bag at the end of the evening, I accidentally put my hand into some broken glass and cut my finger. I was completely shaken because there was so much blood. I thought I had injured myself so severely that I wouldn’t be able to play the piano – I play for three hours every day and music is very important to me.

    My whole headspace changes with music. I definitely think it’s the new Nurofen in my life – it’s very therapeutic. I don’t like to take anything any more if I have a headache – I use Tiger Balm and things like that, and music is the best release for me. Much better than the gym. I spent the best part of two years – under an assumed name – working on creating the music that accompanies the book and I am really proud of it.

    'I don’t diet; I eat everything except eyeballs'

    I am a serious person and I do have my dark moments. It annoys me that when you are going through a dark time – say, when you have split up with your boyfriend – people always immediately try to make you feel better. I have always thought, ‘Why do I have to feel better? I am indulging it and sometimes you have to work things through.’ I think that those dark times are the moments when you get to really know yourself, and I know myself pretty well by now.

    I don’t diet; I eat everything except eyeballs. My father doesn’t like women who don’t eat. At home the rule was that a woman should always have a smile on her face at meal times. I have always eaten lots. I don’t weigh myself; I gauge my weight by whether I can get into my clothes or not. I am about nine stone or just under.

    It’s not that great being thin, whatever anyone thinks. It’s not like I could slip on a bikini and go
    on a beach and look like a supermodel. I have a muscular body and I am also quite like a boy.
    I have been tempted to have implants – I gave my heroine in the book the breasts I have always wanted – but until I am with a guy who says ‘Give me a pair of big breasts’ I am not going to bother. You get to my age and you are used to it. I like me now.

    Friend: Society girl Tara with Kate back in 2007

    I was sent to boarding school when I was tiny – seven or maybe just eight – and I couldn’t stand it. I was unbelievably homesick; I don’t think I stopped crying for the first three months. My parents didn’t know because they don’t let you home for the first term – it’s quite tough. When I was in rehab in the US they were really shocked by that and put my parents down for abandonment. But I never blamed my parents because I knew they were just trying to give me the best start.

    I have very high standards and expectations of marriage because I have grown up in a family that doesn’t do divorce – my parents have a very good marriage and so do my brother James and my sister Santa who is married to author and historian Simon Sebag Montefiore. I think one of the reasons I have steered clear of marriage is that I have seen so much infidelity around me in the past ten years. If you are a single girl you get to hear everything and it’s been a revelation to see the way husbands behave when their wives aren’t around.

    I used to think of myself as Miss Havisham in Great Expectations, who never recovered from being jilted. A long time ago I was in love with somebody and the break-up hit me really
    badly because, sadly, I truly believed that he was The One. It was like coming across another kid in the playground who wanted to do the things I did – travel, shop or whatever – and at the end of it we would just want to sit watching DVDs, eating chicken and sweetcorn soup.

    When I was younger I thought that marriage was the answer to everything. But then I became fulfilled in so many other ways. I think now I definitely have a problem with commitment. I don’t like anyone getting too close to the real me. I know some girls who want their boyfriends to take care of them, but that just isn’t me. I am a control freak – I practically have to fly the damn plane, and I hate being a guest in someone else’s house. I want to be running the show.

    Tara with housemate Bobby, left, and sister Santa

    I absolutely hate it when anyone says that I am jealous of my sister Santa. She is two years older than me and the only time in my life when I was jealous was when she was going out with boys and I wasn’t. We love each other and depend on each other. I am so proud of her accomplishments, her marriage, her children and her brilliant novels.

    Bobby [Sabel, her housemate] is very like me – it’s spooky. Sometimes you come across people who seem insanely familiar. He is like my long-lost twin brother. We are very easy with each other, even though I am 15 years older. I think he brings out the maternal side in me – I find myself tidying his room, making sure he has his favourite things in the fridge and worrying when he gets home late. There was never any romance between us but it does help that he is super-hot looking. I have always liked beautiful things in my house and he is a beautiful boy.

    The only surgery I have had has been for medical reasons. The operation on my nose was a medical thing – the surgery I had done in 2006 was performed using delicate cartilage from my ear and since then I have had several breakages and fragmentations that needed correcting. I nearly shut my nose in a door the other day. It was the first time I had really banged it since the operation. I keep forgetting it’s a bit bigger now. It’s a bit like having a bigger car, it’s difficult to park. But I am really pleased with it because it was becoming so personal with all that media coverage.

    The Duchess of Cambridge is fab, isn’t she? She is doing such a good job. She is beautiful and capable, sort of super-grounded, but really fun too. I first met her ages ago at Klosters and I always thought she and William were so good together. We have had lots of fun nights in relaxed situations and when they briefly split up I said to her, ‘He’ll be back, don’t worry.’ She and her sister Pippa came to my brother’s book launch during the split and people were being kind of horrible to her, but I knew William would be back as soon as he realised what he was missing out on. I think she has done something amazing – I am really proud of her. Whenever I see her on the cover of another magazine I smile. She reminds me of his mother – something about her eyes.
    I think now I definitely have a problem with commitment. I don’t like anyone getting too close to the real me
    William, Harry and me – we grew up together. They are lovely, naughty boys. There is a complete code of trust there, a code that says, ‘Zip it and treasure it’. I have a thing about trust: it is priceless.

    I dictated Infidelity – which is the sequel to my first novel Inheritance – on to a Dictaphone. I would say something like, ‘She walks into the house and it smells of dogs mixed with Jo Malone candles’ – that sort of thing, very much on sense and smell and very detailed. I would literally act out the parts and then Claire Irvin – who worked on this with me – would transcribe it all into a scene and then send it back to me to look at. It would go back and forth between us like that until it was right.

    My mother [Patti] doesn’t just read my books, she edits them. She is a ruthless editor. I wouldn’t say she is as much of a flirt as the fictional mother in Infidelity but she’s still definitely got it going on. I talk to her pretty much every day. My family is a massive backbone for me, a massive fortress of support.

    I think we are all a little bit bipolar. If everyone were to fill in the form we would all tick some of the boxes that would confirm it. But I come from a family where you have to break both your legs or fall off a mountain to get any sympathy. So the only reaction I would get if I went home and said, ‘I am bipolar’ would be, ‘Shut up, no one cares, get on with it.’

    I have absolutely no desire for a child. I love my nephews and nieces – my brother has four children and my sister has two. It’s fun being with them and because I am invested in their lives I don’t miss having children in my life. The last thing I want to be doing is changing nappies – I’m not that sort of person. I would much rather have Snowy – my Dior toy polar bear that goes everywhere with me – than a baby. Between my nephews and nieces and Snowy and the supermodel living in my house, I think I am doing pretty well.

    I don’t have any ‘one-day-my-prince-will-come-and-we’ll-live-happily-ever-after’ dreams. I don’t have any dreams about my future any more. I have done every dream and they turned into nightmares. I live in the present now – I don’t look forward and I don’t look back.

    Read more: Tara Palmer-Tomkinson: 'I am not going back to my old ways' | Mail Online

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    her sister's name is santa??
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    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post

    Friend: Society girl Tara with Kate back in 2007
    If Kate sees this she should take note of how much fresher she looks without the heavy dark eyeliner.

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    'I got some good help': Tara Palmer-Tomkinson sparks fears of a relapse as she admits she went abroad to seek help

    By Kimberley Dadds

    PUBLISHED: 01:06, 1 April 2012 | UPDATED: 08:33, 1 April 2012

    She sparked fresh fears for her health earlier this month when she was accused of being 'drunk' and 'wasted' during a Radio 5 interview.
    And although she denied she had fallen off the wagon and started boozing again at the time, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has now sparked fears she has suffered a relapse.
    The socialite took to her Twitter page and revealed she had been abroad to seek help 'for personal reasons' and to ensure she didn't let herself 'slip up' again.

    'I got some good help': Tara Palmer-Tomkinson reveals she has been abroad to get some help, sparking fears she came close to a relapse

    Tara hadn't tweeted since 9 March until she went back online yesterday.
    She wrote: 'Sorry been offline.i had2go away4personal head space was on a double yellow line!im on the mend.small steps x.'
    Her spokeswoman told the Mail Online that the socialite had escaped to Switzerland but emphasized she did not go to rehab.
    She says: 'Tara went to her home in Klosters for some rest and relaxation after a busy time in London. She did not got to rehab.'

    Tara had herself revealed she got the help she needed during her time away from England.
    She added to one concerned fan: 'I was a bit nervous coming back to UK but i am feeling better.I got some good help xx.'

    Worse for wear: She has previously struggled with addiction and sparked fears earlier this month when she sounded like she was slurring during a Radio 5 interview with Richard Bacon

    And she added to another: 'Thats why i went away…to NOT let myself slip up … n to try n gain weight n like myself again!!'
    It was only a few weeks ago that the 40-year-old concerned listeners and presenter Richard Bacon when she sounded like she was slurring during her radio slot.
    The former It-Girl was on the show to promote her new book Infidelity, but such was the worry for the slender brunette that Richard was forced to ask her ‘Are you all right?’.

    Taking to Twitter: The socialite revealed on Twitter that she had been away to prevent herself 'slipping'

    Responding to tweets from listeners who worried that she had been drinking, Miss Palmer-Tomkinson – who admitted ‘I can’t ever say I’m past my problems’ – insisted at the time: ‘I haven’t had anything to drink today, or yesterday, or the day before.'
    But she has now admitted she needed to seek help, but she has not embellished on the kind of help she received during her trip away.

    A representative for the star denied to The Sun that she had been to rehab.

    Tara has since been spotted looking healthy and happy as she spent time with a friend in London.

    Party girl: She has had a lengthy battle with drugs but denied she was drunk during the radio interview at the start of March

    And just over a week ago she was photographed landing at Heathrow Airport with a big grin on her face.
    She looked stylish as she jetted back to the country as she carried a personalised Louis Vuitton bag.
    Tara has previously battled drug addiction and had to seek help for her demons back in 1999.

    She also underwent surgery in 2006 to restructure her nose after it started to diminish from her cocaine habit.
    Although she has largely remained sober, Tara sparked fears a number of times last year when she was spotted looking worse for wear on nights out.
    In December she partied for her 40th birthday and emerged outside the Brompton Club in Kensington after boozing at the bash.
    And in September she shocked with her dishevelled hair and make-up after a night at London venue The Box.

    Read more: Tara Palmer-Tomkinson sparks fears of a relapse as she admits she went abroad to seek help | Mail Online

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    I dunno, I kind of hope she's ok, I also bought her book on remainder a long time ago & it's really funny. To me she's like Paris Hilton but without the attitude problem, she's famous for being famous & that's about it. She's terribly dyslexic & that must be hard coming from that kind of family, but if the ever acknowledge it they could afford some great help for her.

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    I can’t help liking Tara. She’s really funny in a self-deprecating way. And got the nicest set of Chanel bags. Do people ‘will’ handbags to people who like them on the web?
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    Addiction sucks.

    Btw Kate Middleton looks ghastly now compared to that pic. Wtf?
    "Cake is the language of love" - Dylan Moran

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    ^ Really? I don't see much difference.
    Life is short. Break the Rules. Forgive Quickly. Kiss Slowly. Love Truly.
    Laugh Uncontrollably. And never regret ANYTHING that makes you smile.

    - Mark Twain

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    Me either.
    See, Whores, we are good for something. Love, Florida

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novice View Post
    I dunno, I kind of hope she's ok, I also bought her book on remainder a long time ago & it's really funny. To me she's like Paris Hilton but without the attitude problem, she's famous for being famous & that's about it. She's terribly dyslexic & that must be hard coming from that kind of family, but if the ever acknowledge it they could afford some great help for her.

    She's 40. She could get her own help.

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    Hollow-eyed Tara Palmer-Tomkinson looks like the Corpse Bride as she ARRIVES at awards bash the worse for wear

    By Daily Mail Reporter

    PUBLISHED: 00:43, 17 October 2012 | UPDATED: 10:41, 17 October 2012

    She recently claimed to have shunned the party lifestyle to focus on her music.

    But it seems like Tara Palmer-Tomkinson fell off the wagon before she even arrived at the Attitude magazine awards last night.

    The 40-year-old socialite looked extremely worse for wear as she arrived at the party, held at One Mayfair.

    Not quite Halloween: But Tara Palmer-Tomkinson appeared to be channelling Tim Burton creation The Corpse Bride as she appeared hollow-eyed and gothic in black at the Attitude Magazine Awards party

    Calm down, dear: Tara appeared dishevelled and agitated as she spotted the photographers outside the event

    Nose going back: The damage to her nose done through her former drug addiction is still apparent

    Tara's eyes were bloodshot and her appearance dishevelled as she made her way into the party.

    Dressed in a long satin gown with a fur stole around her neck she was seen glaring at photographers.

    Tara's lips appeared parched and her facial expression seemed rather confused as attempts were made to get her safely to the doorway to get to the party.

    Muscular: Tara displayed her sinewy arms in the sleeveless dress for the evening

    Munchies: Tara was later seen heading into a local shop, where she was seen grabbing bags full of sweets

    At one point it looked like Tara was having a tantrum and stood with her arms folded and her head down, in a defiant manner.
    A friend was seen coaxing her inside the party, despite her initial resistance.

    Tara joined the likes of Pixie Lott, Little Mix, Louie Spence and McFly at the gay magazine awards.

    Not so happy: Tara appeared confused and rather unwilling to be guided into the party held at One Mayfair

    Not the happiest: The 40-year-old socialite appeared to be in a bad mood and was seen with her arms folded and her head down

    Dishevelled: Tara appeared to look slightly blank behind the eyes as she was photographed

    And it seems that she indulged in a tipple or two while mixing with revellers.

    Tara was later seen being escorted out of the party, on the arm of a male friend.
    Last month Tara told the Mail she was trying to stick to a quiet life and concentrate on her new music.

    Off the wagon: Tara appeared intoxicated as she fumbled with a tote bag

    Time to go home: Tara's friend Cleo Rocos show her concern for the socialite

    Causing a scene: Tara commanded considerable attention and one onlooker was seen snapping pictures of her on his phone

    She said: 'I have to say I’ve been trying really hard to be calm.'
    ‘Over the past four or five months I’ve tried so hard because I just want to be.'

    ‘It’s very important what people think of me because I’ve tried very hard to change and it’s been a very, very big battle.’

    Helping hand: A male friend escorted Tara out of the party

    Read more: Tara Palmer Tomkinson looks extremely worse for wear as she arrives at awards bash | Mail Online
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