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Thread: Tabloids offer Lindsay Lohan big money for lesbian coming out story

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    i honestly don't believe she gay, just bi.

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    Regardless of what she really is, I'd love to see her do this just for the money.
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    I think she will do this - just for the money. She must be getting a bit cash-strapped these days... no-one is offering her films roles, all she's getting is bit TV cameos, she trots around the globe doing 'celebrity' appearances, she's hocking her birthday off to the highest bidder... me thinks she needs the cash!
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    she'll probably do it

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    She'll take the money, no doubt about it now that White Oprah has cut the cord and she's about broke. Besides she's already screwed every guy of any notoriety that would go there so she has to branch her freckles out. Ronson will dump her ass once she stops using her to get attention.
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    I don't think she is gay.. Just young and needing attention!

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