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Thread: T.I.: 'Not to be Sexist But,' Women Are Too Emotional to Be President

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    Quote Originally Posted by stef View Post


    if you wanna go back in time, woman were nurturers and men were warriors that had to fight for food as well as keep their tribes safe. we still have those instincts in us i believe (hormones). i'm not saying a man can't run a country, but i do think there would be less wars, it's just in a dude's blood to well, crave that blood of an enemy. a woman on the other hand might be more 'emotional' but ffs, that helps us want to keep a world that is beautiful for future generations.

    yes i'm over generalizing cuz not every one is the same. i just know if i were the queen of earth i'd be like mother earth. quit clubbing baby seals you bastards! quit using oil and change to wind solar and water power. and all little girls get pink hello kitty beds, even the ones born in boy bodies. and the kardashians get sent to their own luxury island with lots of cameras that, unbeknownst to them, are not broadcasting anywhere off said island. men can get their aggression out in underground organized fighclubs where i don't give a shit what they do to themselves if they wanna fight to the death.... i could go on but it could take all day. (it is all kinda fun to imagine though).

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    I think Carly Fiorina proves that women can be unemotional assholes, and Boehner proves that men can be teary-eyed wimps. A woman can be an asshole, and a man can be a bitch. TI is both.
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    Oprah's response when asked about TI's statement:

    "Honey child, hush yo' mouth!"
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    Them crazy rash women, always bombing shit and starting wars and stuff.

    Oh wait.
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    How sexist of me to say I would still tap that fine ass, if he didn't speak of course.

    Usually he is respectful of women. He must have been having a moment lol.
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