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Thread: Sylvester Stallone's mother can see the future through his ass

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    "Yes, we do have a close relationship but I will not allow her to read my butt because the story may have an unhappy ending!"

    WTF? Seriously. Way too much information.

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    Damn, she's 86?!?!

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    Yeh, she is 86 Real Years - NOT Hollywood Years.

    Although she has totally mutillated herself with too much scalpel time, she is on cracking form and is just really funny.

    She is great, love the dear ole bird who makes fun of all the Hollywood Crazyness...
    Boycott Tom "CRAZY" Cruise movies

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    An ass-trology reading. Ooooooooooooook.
    Mischief. Mayhem. Tattoos. Soap.

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