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Thread: 'Sticky fingers' Winona Ryder in new shoplifting scandal claims magazine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giselle View Post
    And she probably isn't, you know.

    I have an aunt like that. it's very sad, for us the family.
    Sometimes she only realises she took certain things when she gets home. She is unconsciously doing it. It all became so natural to her.

    She used to take care of me on holidays when younger & the day I realised she was stealing it became a nightmare for me to go shopping with her, or just to go outside the house actually.
    We tried to help, several times. But you cannot help someone against their will.

    She thinks she's fine, at 68, she still thinks she's fine.
    Go figure.
    So was she absentmindedly forgetting to pay for items, or was she just so used to shoplifting that she didn't even notice she did it anymore? Sorry for the confusion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beeyotch View Post
    ^^No, she had actual items that she didn't buy, not just makeup on her face. Items that the store security took right back before they let her go on her merry kleptomaniac way. Bitch has a problem.

    Oh, and Morticia, I think Brandon's case is totally different because I keep reading that his parents have actually cut him off. As in, his family has lots and lots of money, but they're fed up with his coke-whoring antics, embarrassing association with vile celebutards like Paris Hilton, and fed up with his useless existence in general. So no more money for Greasy Brandon, he actually is broke. Or more likely on some strict allowance that his self-entitled junkie ass can't figure out how to live off of.
    Thanks for that good news Bee. After his 'Fire Crotch' episode where he pretty much bags Lilo out for being poor, glad to hear karma bit him in the butt. As much as I dislike the girl, at least she worked for her money, not living off Mummy and Daddy's hard work. I love karma, it never lets me down

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