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Thread: State Farm Inoculates Itself From Anti-Vaxxer Rob Schneider

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCalMarie View Post

    Again, who's actually listening to Rob Schneider for medical/parenting opinions/advice anyway? That's what I don't understand about all of this. As if his view effects their auto insurance rate or something...

    I understand the vax/anti fax debate. I am pro-vax. And no actor or public figure (Jenny McCarthy, Rob Schneider, etc) will ever have an effect on my view on the matter. Nor do I care to complain to my auto insurance company about the actor they use in their commercials because his personal view conflicts with my personal view. But, hey, that's just me.
    But State Farm is also a health insurance company, so his opinion on vaccination does have some bearing on their product/image.

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    ^^^ they sell health insurance? i thought it was only car/home?

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    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    But State Farm is also a health insurance company, so his opinion on vaccination does have some bearing on their product/image.
    Ah, then why would they say it was "unrelated" to their service?

    '(Schneider's) ad has unintentionally been used as a platform for discussion unrelated to the products and services we provide,' the company said

    Read more: Insurance commercial featuring Rob Schneider pulled from TV rotation because of the comedian's opposition to child vaccinations | Daily Mail Online
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Maybe because the commercial itself was advertising home/auto insurance? I don't know...

    I just think there are more important things in this world worth getting your panties in a bunch over, so much so that they banned the commercial/fired Rob Schneider doing his lame decades-old SNL skit because of his personal view(s)/lack of education on the subject, which have nothing to do with the campaign itself.
    (Yes, it is loosely related to "insurance" as a whole, I understand that. Insurance = Medical Coverage = Medical Expenses = Part of one's medical expenses = Vax's = The Great Vax/Anti-Vax Debate).

    I just don't understand the uproar about this one specific situation. It just seems so silly to me.
    Who gives a f*ck about Rob Schneider's personal views?!? (A lot of people, apparently).

    But again, that's just my humble opinion
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    That's not the point. Celebrities get big bucks for doing these endorsements. Would you be happy knowing a part of your premium was going to support this ignorant twit? This is exactly the kind of thing that would prompt me to take my business elsewhere. The company did the right thing and "poor" stupid Rob Schneider can go fuck himself.

    And "there are more important things in the world" is never an argument. You deal with the issues at hand, you don't just let them slide because somewhere out there kids are starving.
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    Does he even have kids? If not, why is making statements like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCalMarie View Post
    Who cares what he thinks? Who's actually listening/taking medical-related advice from Rob Schneider (or any celebrity for that matter)?
    He's entitled to his opinion... as we all are.

    I understand the controversy over the vax/no-vax views, but I'm just dumbfounded that people got so "up in arms" about Rob Schneider stating his view(s) on the subject, that people actually complained to State Farm, and got him fired from the campaign/job.
    It's not like he said something about it in the commercial...

    The company even stated - it's (his views) unrelated to the services they provide. So basically, people are pissed at Rob Schneider for expressing his views, so don't give him any work? And if he does get work, people will complain/cancel the service if he's in their ad? Regardless of if they're satisfied with the service (and unrelated to his views on a subject)?

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't understand why people would go through all that trouble in this type of situation.

    It's just kinda sad, he probably needed those residual checks...

    This reminds me of Mozilla Firefox recently making its CEO resign after it was found that he'd made donations to Prop 8. You could argue that it wasn't fair, and that he's entitled to his opinion. You could also say his opinion on LGBT rights had nothing to do with the company's product itself, so why should it matter? But the fact is, people care about what kind of companies they support these days. With so many alternatives available, it's bad for the business to be even associated with a certain image.

    This video by one of my favorite youtubers explains my thoughts perfectly. She's talking about Brendan Eich resigning, but you can easily extrapolate it to State Farm not wanting to be associated with an Anti-vaxxer.

    Eta: She has one specifically about anti-vaxxers if anyone is interested.
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    i'm going to say if a celeb has a bad rep or says something that the public doesn't like, the company is smart to remove them. (in most cases)

    It would be like a celeb getting busted for drunk driving and they are a spokesperson for an alcoholic drink.

    i didn't even know that Rob was a spokesperson for State Farm. show's what i know
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