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Thread: Starbucks barista once tried to fatten up Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwii View Post
    Haha ... If I was a barista, and I was serving someone I may considere really skinny, in a non-healthy way, I would definitly do it. I know it may be wrong, but damn ... eat a sandwich !

    So would you give fat persons only skimmed milk and deny them their muffins?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lenny View Post
    So would you give fat persons only skimmed milk and deny them their muffins?
    Well, no I would not do it. To be really honest, I didn't really think about that. I said I would do this only because I have a close friend who's been struggling with eating disorder and at one point, it was just painfull to look it this poor girl hurting herself. I guess that's the reason why I would do this. Hopefully I don't work in a coffee shop !
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    Quote Originally Posted by nycgirly101 View Post
    um honestly I think that's wrong- you can't mess with someone's order because you think they are "too skinny"
    I know! I don't like the Olsen trolls either, but that doesn't change the fact this woman is very out of line. I order skim milk all the time, and compared to the size of the women who work in the cafe I frequent, I'm anorexic, and they usually roll eyes when i order skim, but i actually CAN'T have full cream milk in large quantities because my stomach reacts badly to it. So before messing with someone's order, they should be aware of why someone orders what they do; thats just so wrong!

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