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Thread: Skinny supermodel Angela Lindvall poses nude for Purple Magazine

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    I like the aesthetic, not that I would necessarily want it for myself (if anything, I've been trying to stop being a size zero, but it's hard to consistently keep weight).

    For me, this is such a great shoot to highlight a body that isn't boob-jobbed, over-gymed, and fake baked with overdone hair. She has really nice, fluid lines in her body.

    I like that I'm not seeing Playboy-perfect nipples and bits. I see women with this kind of build in the locker room, and with the ones who are comfortable in their bodies and sex appeal, there's a kind of beauty about them. I see that here as well.
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    overgymmmed? she isnt gymmed at all. she has no muscletone.
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    Not attractive to me either....but I thought Chloe Sevigny looked good in her pictures. She has a nice body.

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    you already know.


    baaaaaaaaargh; its the nips that did me in!

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