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Thread: Simon Le Bon's lyrics blunder disappoints Duran Duran fans

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    Default Duran Duran Families


    Tallulah, Simon, Yasmin, Saffron, Amber
    Source: obviously Getty Images


    Meredith Oström and Tatjana
    Source: Templeofsaintnick


    Andy and Andrew James. Pic is from 2003 I think... Day-ummm, he's a hottie

    This is rumoured to be one of his daughters, Bethany. But some say it's Avril Lavigne. Not sure....

    Nick, Meredtih, Andy with one of his daughters, Isabella.
    I could not find his other daughter Georgina.

    Source: all Getty Images


    Atlanta "Noo" Taylor at the age of 14 (I think), photographed by her mother, Amanda de Cadenet. Nice boobies.


    Ellea, his new wife Gisella, Roger, Elliot and James. Pics are from his 2007 wedding in St. Lucia.
    Source: Ok Magazine (UK)
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    Andy's son used to be a hottie.

    Not so much now. (2nd from the right, with the grey jacket and black tee).

    BTW, the one on the left with the tiger tee-shirt is Roger Taylor's son James, and the one with the stubble is Simon and Yasmin Le Bon's nephew Dan. They're all in a band together called The Electric City.

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    Ah dammit, another tour I'll miss. Last time they were playing an hour from me but the concert was on my due date. For some damn reason my husband didn't want me to go. Grrr. This time they are four hours away and past the time I can travel. I really have to start planning my kids around their tours.

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    ahhhh, he's still hot. me wantey *drool*

    so, we got Duran² reloaded... amazing!

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