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Thread: Sharon Stone Poses Naked and Talks Stroke: "I Have Brain Damage"

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    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I don't think she has been photoshopped all that much for this pictorial, and especially not any more than other celebrities. Black and white photos can be particularly forgiving of less than clear skin tone and even wrinkles. Also, the contrast is up pretty high, which also helps.

    I am kind of curious as to what is going on in the second photo - between her elbows. It's not a knee, it's not an arm, it's not a boob. Is it a photoshop fail? I don't know.

    Below are some paparazzi beach shots from 2014 for comparison.


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    I think she looks bloody fantastic even if she is a cunt. She's definitely improved with age, airbrushed or not.
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    She's got genetics on her side, she's always been beautiful and she's done a good job of taking care of her appearance with just enough PS without going overboard.

    I'm only impressed at her restraint with the PS, but she still strikes me as a crazy narcissist who's just smart enough to keep the crazy relatively under wraps.
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    She looks great.
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