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Thread: Sharon Osbourne launches foul-mouthed rant at 'megalomaniac' U2

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    Quote Originally Posted by BITTER View Post
    To play devil's advocate, wouldn't the exact opposite be true? To give away a free album would be the last thing a savvy businessperson would do. An artist would.
    Apple paid U2 a cool 100 mil. dollars to use their album as promotion for iphone6.

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    Ok, then, well, never mind........
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    i think if sharon was a plain proper housewife she'd do great on these boards!

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    A hundred million dollars? I'll remember that the next time my other half's piece of shit iphone starts randomly cutting off calls again.
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    Sharon is always ranting and it's always 'foul-mouthed.' What's wrong with her?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittylady View Post
    Not that Sharon Osbourne needs anything to rant about but... Lots of people who had the automatic downloads feature enabled on their Apple equipment got the damn thing whether they wanted it or not, and to make matters worse they couldn't even delete it. Apple have had to set up a dedicated removal page for people to get rid of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mel1973 View Post
    and how ironic is it that sharon is calling someone a megalomaniac? twat!
    Her typical lack of self-awareness does make for a bit of amusement.

    Quote Originally Posted by BITTER View Post
    I agree. She's a toxic narcissist. She proved this when she appeared on the cover of PEOPLE with her son Jack and his gf after his MS diagnosis. The headline screamed "I WON'T LET MY SON DIE" and she all but pushed Jack and his gf out of the camera's range. Way to make it all about you Sharon. But she was on my nerves long before that.

    I do find Bono of U2 way too pretentious at times, and he takes himself way too seriously, but to his credit, he's devoted lots of his time towards important charities for famine and AIDS. Sharon just runs her mouth.
    And most of her verbal spew seems to come straight out of her ass. Just like her daughter...
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    That had better be a microphone or I'm texting this to Mel.
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    They didn't. Did they really?

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    I really don't like Bono and the Edge. They come across so annoying. Blah. Shame too because Joshua Tree was an awesome album. I can't listen to it anymore because of their douchness.

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