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Thread: Sharon Osbourne called co-hosts ‘slanty eyes,’ ‘wonton’ and ‘p—y licker,’

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    If you want really bad, I watched The Real once or twice too. Yikes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SHELLEE View Post
    I’ve never watched the talk or the view.
    the only experience i have with either of those shows is watching clips of epic fights between the hosts or guests and hosts. i have never watched it on a television.

    Quote Originally Posted by tulip View Post
    If you want really bad, I watched The Real once or twice too. Yikes.
    the real???? how many 'the' shows with a roundtable of a diverse group of women arguing over political correctness are there?

    i was thinking of that letter holly robinson peete wrote to sharon after getting axed is probably what she thought right after her firing, who knows what story ended up unfolding after that. she may have thought it was julie who got her fired, it could have been sharon, it could have been both sharon and julie, it could have been just julie. who the hell knows! it's not great proof though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by czb View Post
    probably most of the crap they claim about sharon is true. but i've seen this at work many times... they only get rid of someone if they suck, are a liability, or can get someone as good for significantly less $$$. so most likely, the Talk sees her as one or a combination of those. or the show is gonna go belly up anyway. the one or 2 times i saw it, it really sucked.
    yeah that's what i was thinking. it makes no sense to have her on the same show as elaine welteroth and i bet cbs just saw it as the perfect opportunity to get rid of her and bring in some fresh blood and revamp the show. from all the comments here it certainly sounds like it needs it.
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