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Thread: Shar Jackson: Kevin Federline is my best friend

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    Sometimes, you find out after the fact that you are much better friends than partners. It's possible they could be best friends ... good for them if it's true.

    I get along extremely well with the father of my children. We've had many comments about how weird it is that we can be such good friends now that we aren't together anymore ... of course, that is probably why! Haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msdebagain View Post

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    No way did Kevin and Shar plan this. I mean, they ain't CO$ are they? Backup dancer Kevin diddled crazy twitters while shar was pregnant. They then (or was it prior to the diddling?) hatch this plan for him to temporarily leave shar, marry & make babies with cukoo, drive cukoo crazy, leave cukoo, take cukoos cheeto money, go back to shar and leave cukoo a broken wreck? Way too much credit to the backup dancer and the poor gal who supported his ass before cukoo did...
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    ^^ITA, Mel. The Kevin and Shar "gaslight" conspiracy theories are ridiculous and give them waaaay too much credit. Yes, I think Kevin was a total dog and an opportunist, but that's where it ends.

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