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Some people are just desperate for something, someone, anything, to believe in. They want their gospel spelled out for them in black and white, without any shades of gray. So they go to a church that makes them feel accepted (no matter how they are dressed), gives them music, good feelings, and the comfort of other believers, and leaves them with hope of a better life ahead. (Some people go to Trump rallies for the same thing.) That prosperity gospel preached by Hillsong, Jim Bakker and other preachers encourages them to believe that their sacrifices and tithing will be rewarded. It is a scam and yet people keep falling for it.
I mean, last Jan, we saw hundreds of people willing to put themselves in criminal jeopardy over the gospel of a fraud businessman and gameshow host. The last few years has been a very bracing education in just how many people will totally buy the most ridiculous bullsh*t.