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Thread: Scotland Yard Takes New Look Into Princess Diana Death

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    How tacky to bring this up when William just had his first child and should be basking in happiness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitchy2.0 View Post
    I see HM the Q as more hands on. If she wanted someone dead, it would be more like this:
    I think I found my avi. Nothing says bad ass like firing off a powerful weapon while wearing a hat, gloves and pearls.
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    This is what McJag aspires too!! Lol!
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    McJag and Liz on a shooting weekend? Sipping "tea" and blowing away the peasants.
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    Or maybe pheasants!
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    Well, it is august!

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    'SAS assassinated Diana by shining light into her driver's face': Extraordinary claim by special forces soldier who gave William advanced driving lessons said to be reason why Scotland Yard has reopened case

    • Claims made wife of former SAS soldier interviewed by Scotland Yard have prompted police to reopen case
    • Woman claims 'individuals in royal inner circle' instructed soldier to shine light into Paris tunnel to blind Diana's driver and force him to crash
    • 'Soldier N' is said to have revealed theory after teaching Prince William how to drive in 2008
    • Investigation could unearth recordings of her final moments after security source reveals phones were bugged

    PUBLISHED: 02:05, 15 September 2013 | UPDATED: 12:29, 15 September 2013

    Claims: Scotland Yard has reportedly interviewed the wife of a soldier that said Princess Diana was assassinated by the SAS

    An SAS soldier claimed Princess Diana was killed after a member of the elite unit shone a light in her driver's face causing him to crash, it has been claimed.

    The man, known only as Soldier N, is said to have made the astonishing allegations to his wife after taking Prince William on an advanced driving course in 2008.

    Scotland Yard reportedly decided to review the historic case 16 years after Diana's death in a Paris underpass, after interviewing the woman who insists her former husband was telling the truth.

    And in a dramatic twist, the investigation could unearth recordings of the crash after security experts today revealed Diana's phone was bugged.

    It is understood the recent development comes after Soldier N's ex-wife told police last month her husband revealed the secret when he was teaching William how to drive with SAS colleagues.

    'We were talking about it...and I said it was sad that his mum wasn't there to see it.
    'Then he said one of the guys was responsible for the accident, for the death of Diana. I was shocked. I believed what he said', the Sunday Mirror has reported.

    When the woman quizzed her husband about his theory he reportedly told her the SAS had been following Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, who also died in the accident, and that a light was shone into the Paris tunnel before their car crashed.

    When she asked him how anyone could do something like that he allegedly responded: 'It's an order, a job's a job.'

    The wife reportedly claimed her husband had told her the 'hit' had been instructed by individuals in the royal inner circle because they disapproved of Diana's relationship with Fayed.
    The forthcoming investigation will probe claims today from a key source in the UK security industry that GCHQ was remotely taping Diana and Dodi up until the moment of the crash.
    The source told the Sunday Express the controversial couple had their phones tapped.
    It follows news confirmed by a French inquiry that CCTV images of Diana's final hours, supposedly lost, have been held in secret.

    The source, who worked in 'black ops', told the paper: 'There is no doubt that this technology was used on Diana and all around her, and for very human reasons she was regularly listened to live in the moment.'

    He added, because she was a prime intelligence target, GCHQ operatives 'would have wanted and had the capacity to listen live to the conversations in the car as it sped away from the Ritz.'

    Diana, 36, Fayed, 42, and their driver Henri Paul, 41, were killed in the crash in 1997. The Princess' bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones was seriously injured.


    Soldier N, a former sniper, told his former wife, who revealed the conversation to her own mother years later when asked who would possibly have carried out the murder.

    Crash: Conspiracy theories have long surrounded Diana's death in Paris in 1997 despite the official finding that it was an accident caused by paparazzi photographers

    She alleged a white car and motorbike were involved in the plot which enlisted the services of one of Soldier N's former SAS colleagues.
    Al Fayed's father, Mohammed Al Fayed has always asserted the pair's deaths were the result of a planned murder at the hands of the British Establishment and MI6, and similarly claims a white Fiat was involved in the crash but has never been traced.
    The woman and her mother reportedly met with detectives last month including a senior officer who worked on the original Operation Paget investigation into Diana's death.

    The two women offered convincing accounts of what caused the crash.

    The soldier's former wife insisted he had made the claims two years before the break up of their marriage at a time when he confided in her with full trust.

    Couple: Diana and Dodi pictured on CCTV at the Ritz Hotel in Paris just hours before the fatal crash

    When asked by officers why she hadn't reported her husband's theory earlier the woman said she had been sworn to secrecy.

    The woman's mother first alerted authorities to the claims in September 2011 in a letter to Dyfed Powys Police after her daughter and son-in-law divorced.

    She reportedly also wrote to Prime Minister David Cameron, Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond and army head General Sir Peter Wall about the Soldier N's aggressive behavior following the break down of his marriage.

    It is believed these correspondences contained details of the plot.

    Though the woman claims to have received acknowledgements from Downing Street and General Wall, neither made any mention of Diana or any suspicion surrounding her death.

    In 2011 Dyfed Powys Polcie seized a gun and ammunition from Soldier N's marital home after his mother-in-law reported his tendencies for violent behavior.

    Princess Diana, evening of her death CCTV

    Last journey: Diana leaves the Ritz Hotel shortly before her death in the Paris underpass

    Diana is pictured moments before the crash which the woman claims was caused after an SAS soldier shone a light into the eyes of driver, Henri Paul (right). Diana's bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones (left) was the accident's only survivor

    The man was jailed for two years by a military court last May after admitting illegal possession of a firearm, but was freed in July and later discharged from service.

    Later that month the man appeared in the court martial for his former SAS housemate, Danny Nightingale, 38, for illegal possession of a pistol and ammunition.

    It was during this time the allegations about Diana's death were revealed.

    An inquest into the accident found Diana and Al Fayed died unlawfully as the result of gross negligence of driver, Henri Paul, who was said to have been drinking before the crash.

    Read more: 'SAS assassinated Diana by shining light into her driver's face': Extraordinary claim by special forces soldier who gave William advanced driving lessons said to be reason why Scotland Yard has reopened case | Mail Online

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    How did the paps not get a picture of a man flashing a wee torch into the car? I am suspicious.
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    That account is so muddled. So some woman claims her ex-husband, then a soldier, taught William how to drive and they were discussing that and then he just said, "Oh BTW Wife, I forgot to mention someone shone a light into Diana's driver's face to cause the car to crash?" Was the guy there? Was he claiming to be in the plot? Was it something he heard from William, fellow soldiers, what? Why the hell does giving William driving lessons have anything to do with it? Then this woman doesn't mention anything about this because it was a big huge secret (that her husband just drops into casual conversation) even after she breaks up with her husband. But she DID write letters to the PM and other politicians to tell them her ex (who they don't know from Adam) was a big meanie face which is not crazy AT ALL. I know the first thing any American woman should do if she thinks her ex is violent is write a letter about it to President Obama.

    Not to mention the practicalities of it. If the intelligence service wants you dead, they're going to make sure you're dead. They're not going to stage an accident where circumstances they can't control could easily result in your survival i.e. if Diana had taken two seconds to put on her seatbelt she would have survived as her bodyguard did. And flashing a light? Please. So the SAS were somehow psychic and knew the advanced route and exact moment a drunk, speeding driver went into a tunnel so they had someone there ready with a flashlight, powerful enough to blind a driver but somehow not powerful enough to be seen by all the other drivers and the photographers there on the scene? And they also magically knew their driver was going to be a drunk asshole who rammed into a pillar rather than a responsible driver who would just stop when encountering such a thing?
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    Drunk driving, excessive speed and not wearing a seatbelt is what killed them.

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    I believe she had a hit taken out on her.

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    Much as I'd love to believe the conspiracy theories to remove the embarrassing media tart from the headlines, I also believe that shit happens and it was an accident.
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    I think this is a tremendous waste of time and funds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karistiona View Post
    How did the paps not get a picture of a man flashing a wee torch into the car? I am suspicious.
    The paps were too far behind to see the moment of the crash so, if this is the way it happened, it was an extraordinarily convenient moment with no witnesses, no houses, no pedestrians, no cars on the other side of the road.

    But then for all we know, they could have been following her for days, if not weeks, before just such a convenient moment occurred.

    At the time, I pretty much believed it was deliberate and commented a week beforehand that if she carried on the way she was going, it would be a case of "off with her head." I even suggested that it would be caused by some kind of 'accident' on foreign soil. I never believed (or wanted to believe) that this would have been sanctioned by the family but, more likely, by Whitehall mandarins. However, reading all the reports over the years, I've been less and less convinced by my own argument. Sometimes an accident is just an accident.

    Of course, that doesn't mean there was never a conspiracy - only that natural events preceded any action. But I still enjoy a good conspiracy theory, so let it roll!
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