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Thread: Scarlett Johansson Says She's "Barely Holding It Together" As A Working Mom

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    ^^^ You bring up a good point. For the child's sake I hope they have that figured out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickiDrea View Post
    No matter your income level, being a working mom is stressful. Having money may make it easier to pay for excellent care for your child or even (if you're lucky), to give you a little more flexibility in terms of scheduling, but you still have the mom guilt. SAHMs have guilt too. Guilt seems to be the one thing that all the moms I know, regardless of our income levels, have in common and we should support each other.
    I know what you mean. My friends who have kids have told me about the stress and stigma - am I spending too much time at work and not enough time with my child? Am I abandoning my career to wipe snotty noses? Am I doing too much or not enough - in either direction?

    But no one asks men who they juggle parenthood and work. It's just the working women who get the side eye from judgemental shits.
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