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Thread: Is Sarah Brightman looking better than she did 25 years ago?

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    She looks great. Those boots are hot!
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    She looks much more youthful now, than she did 20 years ago. An unlimited supply of money and the best cosmetic surgeons certainly helps with that.
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    Her face looks tighter and thinner in all the right places.
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    I've never much liked her looks or her singing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacific breeze View Post
    I've never much liked her looks or her singing.
    Me neither. She RUINED Andrea Bocelli''s song "Conte Partiro" in the
    English duet version "Time to say goodbye". And seeing them do the
    song together was horrible, too, the way she looked up and around
    her with those wide, demented, eyes.
    Warren Beatty: actor, director, writer, producer.

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    Yeah..but 'I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper' is a hugely funny novelty song of yesteryear.
    She does have a weird-looking face, always has.
    Incidentally, I hate how every item of clothing with straps on is now refered to as 'S&M' style. I mean, come's a desperate attempt to make clothing seem dangerous and sexy, when generally it's fairly standard fare...
    ..Got 25 channels of white noise evil buzzing in my head..

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