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Thread: Sandra Bullock People Mag's Most Beautiful 2015 (also CFG enters witness protection)

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    I don't know about what kind of person she is, gossip wise, but she comes off as humble and nice in interviews.

    And I do think she IS pretty, in a real way. She has had some work done, but I don't think anywhere near the amount most ladies her age in LaLa land have done. She seems to be ok with the aging process. She looks like a woman her age, and doesn't seem to desire the crazy Photoshop morphing most of stars her age would demand. I mean look at the crazy shit people like Mariah have done Photoshop-wise. I like that she just embraces it, like "Hey, I have wrinkles, a few graying streaks, and my hair isn't perfect...Deal"

    That is the kind of stuff I like about her. (I'm aging too, so it's reassuring to see someone look less than Photoshop perfection).
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    I think the "most beautiful" award is referring to how she's aging and the way she looks for her age. No, she's not more beautiful than a 20 something, but she's aging somewhat gracefully, LA style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sluce View Post
    Even as a teen she was gorgeous.

    same weird nose.
    Oooh, eyelid work detected. She has that same living corpse gaze Cindy Crawford has now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Palermo View Post
    that's not her original nose, I've seen a different one when Googling:
    There really is an "awkward age", isn't there?

    The one thing I'll give her credit for looks-wise is she never went down the horrible fake boobs road.

    But you guys, in light of her marriage to the Nazi lover, the adopting an African-American baby really can be interpreted two ways. One not so bad, maybe a fuck-you to him but hopefully genuine as well, the other....

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    I'm sorry, but People lost all credibility with this whole "most beautiful person" thing when they put Fishsticks on the cover.
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