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Thread: Ryan Reynolds' heartbreak over close friend's betrayal

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    Quote Originally Posted by gas_chick View Post
    It's not like he is naming the guy in the press. If he's not trying to maintain the friendship, he can say what he wants IMO. It was a pretty shitty thing to do. Why not just ask the guy for money instead of trying to sell pictures of his baby.
    In the article it said he thinks the friend did it because he wanted money. Sounds like Ryan had been financing his (or her) lifestyle for a long time and finally put an end to it. So, the friend went down the sell out route.

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    ^^ Seems like Ryan Reynolds had been financially supporting his friend... So, financial support ends, focus then turns to the media. I wonder if the media alerted Ryan Reynolds...

    “Well, I think he’d ask for a cheque enough times where I was like, ‘There’s no more cheques to be had.’”
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alysheba View Post
    I'm trying to care but I can't.
    Vouch ^

    Also, Blake's old nose is growing back.
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    The baby probably has his beady eyes and her old nose.. I can understand why he wouldn't want photos released.
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