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Thread: Rumer Willis & Pete Wentz reppin' Wal Mart clothes--so fierce!

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    We got sourced on Dlisted! (love ya MK! get better soon... ) Thursday, April 24th 2008
    Rumer Willis For Walmart

    Rumer Willis, Pete Wentz, Wilmer Valderrama and a bunch of other hags are whoring themselves out for Walmart. They are starring in an ad campaign for Op which will be sold exclusively in Walmart stores.
    Yes, Op! I had at least a dozen of their velcro wallets. They seriously should be buried along with Camp Beverly Hills and Hypercolor. I lie. Hypercolor needs to make a comeback. I really need a pair of Hypercolor panties.
    Tater Head talked about Op, “When you think of LA and the classic surfer beach vibe, you think of Op. The Op collection does a great job representing that lifestyle.” And Rumer does a great job of representing a huge, baked potato.
    Tater Head and Pete Wentz are definitely long lost sisters. They have matching flat-ironed hair!
    Source: Celebitchy, Gossip Rocks

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    Rumer doesn't look that bad in these pictures. Photoshop at its finest?

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    Rumer looks prettier than Pete, that is good. Pete is really sweet girl too, I'm so happy that he is so openly just a emotional jackass.
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