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Thread: Rudy Giuliani is really upset, confused about Beyonce’s ‘Black Power’ salute

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    this whole controversy is bullshit and i don't know a single person outraged by beyoncé's performance. i think it's faux outrage manufactured by fox news and then faux outrage at the faux outrage manufactured by the left and more specifically left wing blogs.
    I agree. No one I know has even brought up any "supposed" underlying messages or meanings about the show. They just mention if they liked it or didn't like it and it's in passing, my friends and fam (which are from all different racial backgrounds and all over the place on the political view spectrum) aren't having sit-down discussions about it.

    I also think Beyonce's team might have some hand in hyping this whole thing up - and/or not doing or saying anything about it because, at least she's being mentioned/gets more exposure/draws interest/makes people curious to hear the song, see the video...

    All press is good press when you're about to release an album , especially if you get people talking/do something controversial. It's a PR standard these days.

    Just like Justin Bieber was "caught" walking out on a deck with his (pumped-up) peen hangin' out, while a pretty girl was conveniently sitting/placed in a front and center position where she can be seen in the photo (but not totally visible). He is a "ladies man" after all... Blah Anyway, it supposedly just "happened," weirdly right before his album came out.

    Anyway, shock and controversy are the industry norm, always has been - always will be.
    Just depends on the the person, how they want to approach the "controversy/hype," and what they are trying to sell.

    Like Justin('s team) knows is target audience women. What do female fans want to see? Their teen idol's (legal adult's) peen. And ta-da! Peen they received.

    Race is (and always has been) an issue, but more recently with the escalating police violence and hate crimes that are being publicized more and more. Though I'm sure Beyonce (her writers) didn't create this song just to feed into some kind of "black power" movement in any way, I can't totally rule out in my mind that she/her team chose to release this song/video when they did to capitalize on what's going on in some way or another.

    Regardless, she's allowed - we all are - to celebrate our racial background/ethnicities artistically, publicly or otherwise. Doing so doesn't automatically mean people need to be taking sides. (IMHO).
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    I despise Giuliani with the heat of a thousand suns...even before he hijacked one of our nation's most horrific tragedies to further his own agenda...he's always been a bottom-feeding borderline bigot.
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