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Thread: Rosie O'Donnell and Tatum O'Neal Are Dating: Daily Mail Report

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    Rosie may be good in the sack?? is that rude to say?? surely it isn't just for the money for Tatum. I bet if Rosie likes you, she can make you feel like the center of her universe when it is a good day.

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    Oh, dear. I will always, always, have a soft spot for Tatum O'Neal, and I just can't imagine this relationship being healthy for her.

    eta: not a comment on her sexual preferences, not even really a comment on Rosie, though she's not my favorite - its just a feeling the combination isn't promising,
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    There are straight, bi, and lesbian women who are dysfunctional and emotional... However, if you put two emotional people in a relationship together then you add in their individual issues like depression, anxiety, serial monogamist..etc.. Then you'll get the other instant relationships and living situations!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by czb View Post
    what i don't get is why someone would pick rosie. she seems really unstable/difficult.

    Difficult and unstable are the only kinds of relationships Tatum has every known. That's what feels normal to her.

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    I can see why she would pick Rosie. She wants to laugh, she wants to be taken care of ($$) and she wants the drama.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    I'm going to give it about the amount of time that Ernest Borgnine and Ethel Merman were together....
    My Dad and I were just talking about them last week. If anyone here knows who they are they were truly a WTF couple.

    Rosie said that they are not dating on TMZ. They've been friends since they were both on the OWN channel.

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    Diva! I can't with your profile pic...I just can't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoNoRehab View Post
    As a lez, Tatum's comments anger me. Being gay is not something you just decide to try on after a lifetime of fucked up straight relationships because you decided it's easier.
    What do you mean "easier"? I think relationships are relationships.

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    Well, this is going to end well..
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    Rosie O'Donnell and Tatum O'Neal Reportedly Dating, Vacation Together - Us Weekly
    Tatum O'Neal Instagrams About Vacationing With "Wife" While Rumors of Dating Rosie O'Donnell Swirl

    Celebrity News Sep. 16, 2015 AT 9:16PM By Joyce Chen

    Rosie O'Donnell and Tatum O'Neal are reportedly dating.
    Credit: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage; Bennett Raglin/WireImage

    More than friends? Amid rumors that longtime pals Rosie O’Donnell and Tatum O’Neal may be dating, it appears as though they’re (sort of) ready to share the news with fans.

    On Tuesday, Sept. 15, O’Neal, 51, posted a photo on Instagram showing a cloud-filled blue sky, palm trees, and a calm shoreline with the caption, “#vacations my wife and I woo woo!!! #ilovemylife.”

    A few curious commenters asked the Academy Award-winning actress who she was referencing, and one fan even asked, “Rosie???”

    PHOTOS: Hollywood's gay power couples

    The post has since been deleted from O’Neal’s Instagram account.

    A source tells Us Weekly that the two have been living together at the former View co-host’s home in Nyack, N.Y.

    O’Donnell, 53, also owns property down in West Palm Beach, Fla., and the Instagram photo is believed to have been taken from that house.

    PHOTOS: Hollywood's ugliest divorces

    A rep for O’Donnell tells Us that they are not dating, but have been friends since they met in Chicago while the women were filming separate shows for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. A rep for O'Neal did not respond to Us Weekly's request for comment.

    Earlier this month, O’Neal penned a personal account of her “midlife sexual awakening” for Harper’s Bazaar, four months after she first spoke out about being interested in dating women.

    “I went on my first date with a woman in the ‘90s, after I got divorced from my husband [John McEnroe],” she wrote. “I was in my thirties then and knew that I was interested in women, but I was a little uncomfortable with it — I just couldn’t manage it.”

    PHOTOS: Stars who got pregnant over age 40

    Since that time, O’Neal revealed, she’s only dated three women, and “all of them have been important to me, and meaningful.”

    O’Donnell was previously married to wife Michelle Rounds, but the pair split last November and officially filed for divorce in February.

    The talk show host also left her post at The View around the same time, telling fans that she needed to put “her personal health and family first.”

    PHOTOS: Famous moms and daughters

    She was also previously married to Kelli Carpenter in 2004, but the California Supreme Court annulled the marriage — along with thousands of other gay marriages — in August that year. The couple split in 2007.

    The exes share three children together, and O’Donnell is also mom to Chelsea and daughter Dakota from her relationship with Rounds.

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    Rosie is a bully with a temper when you disagree with her and Tatum is an on-again-off again substance abuser with daddy issues. Who, up until now, claimed to be heterosexual.

    This will end in tears.
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    Hmmm, looks like Tatum jumped the gun a little bit.
    I have some famous friends and I have mostly not famous friends.

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