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Thread: Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix Are Engaged After 3 Years of Dating

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    I'm no body language expert, but these look like two people who are not into each other at all.
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    Well, I think a lot of body language interpretation is bullshit because for all you know maybe they’re pissed off that day, or trying to avoid looking like a couple. There’s also the fact that that photo (according to the caption) is from the premiere of Her in 2013 and according to the article they didn’t start dating until 2016, also according to the article.
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    I dont know anything about him, but I just watched a Jimmy Kimmel interview with him

    and he seems high AF, not to mention his little meltdown caught on tape. I think the way Jimmy aired it was unprofessional though.

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    He skeeves me out.
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    I think he's a fantastic actor, but that's where my admiration begins & ends. IRL, he always looks greasy & acts weird as hell.
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    While this pairing was surprising, it actually makes sense. These two weirdos seem to fit each other.

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