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Thread: Ron Jeremy accuses celebs of manufacturing sex tape scandals

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    He's saying the same thing I did when Paris' tape came out. None of them are victims~they schemed and planned the whole damn thing themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buttmunch View Post
    ^^Hahaha...that was it! Thanks.

    Getting a couple of degrees does not, under any circumstances, make him a genius. Quite frankly, if he's such a brainiac, why did he whore himself out for all these years? He isn't stupid in the sense that he can't find his way to his car in the parking lot but I still wouldn't consider him smart for making his way in life with his cock.
    I dunno. Have you seen his mutant cock? Why not make money with that.
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    He has a giant cockadoodledoo.

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    I don't think I can get over the fug to look at or focus on the jumbo cock.

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    Got a pic?
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