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Thread: Rolling Stone Magazine full article: The Tragedy of Britney Spears

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brando View Post
    She's playing the sympathy card. She's manipulative.

    I still believe there is nothing mentally wrong with her. It was written many times in the article that she just doesn't care anymore. That she is brunt out from being Britney Spears (the manufactured pop princess) and listening to her managements advice.

    Now, she's just being herself (spoiled, selfish, arrogant) and people think she is mentally ill. lol

    oh, and Justin is a douche.
    Ya know, I completely changed my view after reading the article and I'm with you. I don't think she's sick and I'm not even sure about the drugs part. Each time she was locked up, her tests came back clean. And she does seem to enjoy the mayhem she creates.

    My sympathy for her has gone to about zero.

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    Feh. I don't know what to fucking believe, anymore.

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