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Thread: Rocker Henry Rollins says Britney Spears doesn't exactly sing on her own records

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    Saw this:

    Panche Report - 26/03/08

    Hip-hop star Fabolous is helping Britney Spears get her pop career back on track - he's recorded a song for her forthcoming album. The Trade It All rapper was recently called into the studio to record his part of the song, but admits he was a little disappointed when he found out Spears wasn't going to be attending the session herself. He tells, "I didn't get to kick it with (Spears), but the people from her record label was on top of that..." And after all her personal troubles at the start of 2008, Fabolous hopes she will soon be back to her best: "I don't know what condition Britney is in right now. Hopefully - more power to her - she'll get in a better space and position. Somebody needs to sit her down, let her know what the deal is."
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    Britney didn't make the last album, so I doubt she'd show up for this one, either.
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