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Thread: Robin Williams dead

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    My friend just stopped by and told me the news. My first response was "I hope it's a hoax!" Then sad and then a little angry. I know he fought the good fight but I can't believe he went out like that. RIP Robin. You were loved.

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    My son just IM'ed me on Facebook and said ''While we were talking about Robin Williams in Hook, he was being found dead. We had a nice discussion about that movie this afternoon. How special it was while my kids were growing up. We watched it a zillion times. He told me about all these cool cameos done in the film. Like Demi Moore was one of the pirates. Goopy was young Wendy, and many more. Sad.
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    I just wish he could've felt the love so many had for him. He brought so much joy to so many.

    Even before this, whenever I would read about celebrity encounters, he was by fair one of the nicest. No one seemed to have a bad word about him, and he was always a great guy to his fans.
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    Oh my gosh. This just completely sucks. Of all the celebrities to die, and to die this way. RIP.
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    Holy fuck. I was out at a doctor's appt. and haven't seen the news 'til now. I'm in fucking shock. I thought it might be a hoax! I just can't believe this...this is so incredibly freaking sad.

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    Poor Robin. I'm sad but not totally surprised this was the only way he could find to deal with his lifelong demons. He was a very fragile soul who sometimes overcompensated with his "manic" persona. I hope that he's found some peace at last but it's tragic this is the only way he could find it.
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    This one really is hard. That kind of black hole, deep dark depression that leads to suicide is something I'd like explained to me by a professional.

    My fave is The Fisher King. Just watch two misfits (Amanda Plummer and Robin) fall in love. Beyond heartfelt and touching. He was so talented and an original, never to be matched.

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    If your fire burned too bright;
    And you were burned by the light
    Scoured and singed all the way

    If you were too big inside
    The pain boiled and writhed
    And the dark felt just like the day

    If "Don't be afraid"
    Was a waste and a blade
    Or an order that was just too tall

    If peace was too far
    And the top of the bar
    Was the only place you could cling, if at all

    If you really had to go,
    Go then, but know
    You're still a part of this weft

    You turned your light on
    And now that you're gone
    All that reflected is left
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    Nanu Nanu wherever you are
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    My heart is broken. I am not at all surprised, but still very sad. Just a few months ago I said he makes me nervous because it seems like he was afraid that if he stopped talking he would be forced to deal with his pain. Robin - I am sorry that you found so much pain when you were faced with silence. I hope you have now found sweet peace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catty View Post
    Nanu Nanu wherever you are
    I remember you saying that, and I remember saying how profound that was.
    "Shopping tip: You can get shoes for a buck at the bowling alley."

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    A tweet by Evan Rachel Wood. Sorry, I don't know how to put it directly in my post.

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    He was such a tremendously talented man. I liked him in funny roles, but really liked him in the more serious stuff.

    I always thought he did an outstanding job in One Hour Photo.

    Anyhow, this is a real gut punch.
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    I always felt like Robin Williams was running full speed ahead to get away from something dark that was chasing him. I'm sorry that whatever it was that he was running from finally caught up with him. He got tired of the race.
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    Im heartbroken, he was a comedic genius. Dinner scene from the Fisher King.

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