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Thread: Reports say insecure Angelina Jolie is faking pregnancy for attention

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    Beyond Caring, then hang a left.


    I think you know the answer to that one! ovulation week <- answer
    "I don't know what I am to them, maybe a penguin XD" - Tiny Pixie

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    you already know.


    Quote Originally Posted by DoveFeatheredRaven View Post
    I am faking my horrible cold for attention. Alert the media!

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    Pregnant or not, itís obvious she wanted to be the center of attention.
    Why else would she have her boobs hiked up to her chin and her butt
    enhancer undies on backwards?
    Scariest Halloween mask ever > > >

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    No one gives a shit about her anymore.
    Hello mother fucker! when you ask a question read also the answer instead of asking another question on an answer who already contain the answer of your next question!

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