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Thread: Rapper Brian Trotter found dead in (trunk of) car after Florida highway crash

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    I have no idea who he is (was), but DAMN!! Especially Shelley's foot sliding off story. Still not a patch on this guy though:
    'I had to get rid of the kid. The cat was allergic.'

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    I think, the guy here put the corpse in his car and from then on, things just happened and he had no idea what to do.
    Happens to all of us, I feel him. I drive a cordless screwdriver around town for 4 days now, because I am simply unable to remember that I should carry it to our basement.
    It doesn't smell, though.
    OITNB, Galina 'Red' Reznikov:
    You want to assassinate someone, vision is a basic requirement. It's like: step one: pick a person to kill. Step two: kill THAT person.

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