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Thread: Rachel Zoe swings her son for the paps and he falls over

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    ^One of my favourite words in the English language.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterslide View Post
    I kind of like it with the big sentences, it makes everything seem very important.

    I agree. The kid looks none the worse for wear after the fall, and it kind of makes me laugh when these little minor mishaps happen in front of the paparazzi. Is that horrible? LOL
    Pay less attention to the Paps & more attention to the child...

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    he's a little cutie, but when i see people swinging their kids like that, i want to scream, "nursemaid's elbow!!!". i'm totally not even a real helicopter mom, but i've known of a couple of kids that it's happened to, so it makes me nervous to see it.
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    Looks like parenting is a little bit more challenging than she first suspected.

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    we used to swing my daughter like that. When she was about 10 months old, we were swinging her. After we stopped she started screaming bloody murder but we couldn't figure out what was wrong. She kept crying and would not stop. I took her to the ER and they diagnosed her with Nursemaids elbow. it was dislocated. they popped it back into place and all was good. However they said she'd be prone to them, and they were right. I constantly had to pop it back until she was 3 or 4. I so get worried when i see parents do that.
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    That baby is very cute! It is so weird how they didn't look down as he was falling.

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    he's so cute, i love his little curls. i'm not big on swinging little ones from their arms like that either.
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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