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Thread: Quentin Tarantino shades Ben Affleck, ‘True Detective’ & white supremacy

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    I think I'm going to re-read Deliverance. I got a hankering...

    I loved from Dusk til Dawn too. I haven't seen it in years but I feel like it was both dark and violent and... humorous? Selma was a vision. Brittney was hot with the snake but Selma smoldered.
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    I remember the first time I watched it. I knew nothing about it so I was a little surprised about the vampires! lol Good fun!
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    I remember the first time I saw it I didn't know it would turn into a horror movie either. I was just enjoying the story about a road-tripping family and a pair of eff-up brothers, when BAM!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gas_chick View Post
    From Dusk till Dawn is one of my all time favorites as is Natural Born Killers. Rodney Dangerfield played that sick fuck father to perfection.
    I read an interview Robert Rodriguez just gave about Dusk till Dawn and he said both Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey auditioned for parts in the movie (this was just after Dazed & Confused) and Rodriguez didn't hire them because he thought they didn't have any talent.

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    I know I'm in the minority but I can't stand Quentin Tarantino. Hate his movies, can't stand to listen to an interview with him. He's so jacked up all the time and his voice grates. He makes me uncomfortable to watch. I remember my friend going on and on about how amazing Pulp Fiction was. I couldn't finish the movie. There's something about his movies that scream pretentious to me even though most of them are homages to B-movies. I won't even try to watch one anymore, no matter how good the reviews are.
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    The fact that he's brilliant every time he's portraying a douchebag character...when he's not that great an actor...does make me wonder.

    I'm trying to think of any movies I liked him in where he wasn't playing a douche.
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    Cousin has worked on a few films with him and he seriously needs to lay off the pain pills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    There is definitely always a shock element to them, even when it's stuff he has only written, instead of directed - for example, "Natural Born Killers" and "True Romance".

    I also wanted to mention that I really like how he manages to bring use, and even help resurrect the careers of, older actors - like Pam Grier, David Carradine, Michael Parks, Robert Forster, Lee Horsley, Tom Wopat.....

    True Detective was the biggest load of crap that they have hyped the shit out of in a long time, even on episode one I was fast forwarding it to the adverts...
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