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Thread: Prince William, Kate Middleton Asking Individual to Stop "Harassing" Prince George

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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    Duchess Dolittle and George will be living at their large Norfolk estate soon with more private parkland and royal protection officers than they know what to do with. Senior royals expecting a "normal" private life are completely unrealistic if they still enjoy the considerable pampered privileges that go with the job. They can't have it both ways. If Kate doesn't want paps taking pictures of her tits or her kid then don't give them the slightest opportunity. William is turning into a pussywhipped whinger. I believe the gossip that he doesn't want the top job so super ambitious Kate was recruited to keep him on message.
    They might have all that estate and parkland but should they really have to keep George confined to that and arrange for kids to be shipped in for him to play with? Isn't it better that he's allowed to experience what little normality (such as playing on swings and roundabouts and meeting other children) he can, while he can, without someone following him constantly to sell pictures?
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    Supposedly Charles didn't want the 'top job' either. They all moan and groan about it (except the Queen) but that is their destiny. I don't think Kate needed to be recruited to remind William of the obvious. The royals never ever want another Edward V111 again and they all know it.

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    Fuck Will and Kate - lazy, entitled fucks.
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