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I've never seen him in anything other than The Dirt so I don't know whether he's funny or not. But I fucking hate people who film during shows.
I got totally pissed off at a Rupaul Drag Race show earlier this year. Those tickets were $100 and not the best seats! The two women in front of me were holding up their big ass cell phones recording shit and we couldn't see. We'll just say I kicked their seats a few times. I just found it odd they were watching the event through their stupid phone and not watching the moment itself. BS on doing it for memory. I've lost plenty of crap on my old dead phones, computers. Heck I was more than a bit tipsy that night but I remember it.

Can't we just all go back to flashing lighters at a gig and not cell phones? If I had the Kardashian Klan Komputer sKills, I'd totally be photoshoping a poor taste meme of Rodney King saying to an annoying cell phone person, Can't we all just get along?