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Thread: Paris Hilton's puppy mill

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    I hate her so much, I want to put her head in a vice and squeeze it then I want to lock her in a cold, dark closet with no food or water, then spit on her body

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    Someone should lock this bitch in a closet and starve her to death. Useless ratbag skank...
    In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on.
    Robert Frost

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    She feeds off small puppies for her energy to go out partying all night!

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    This infuriates me. Council regulations here is that you can only have two dogs on your property. I believe that number can be increased providing you have sufficient land for the animal to be on (ie: you own a property or large block of land).

    There should be federal laws that make it illegal for you to own more than three dogs or more than three cats - it should be a misdemeanor if you have more.

    Stupid skank.

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